Presto adds HBO, Showtime titles.

The Sopranos, Entourage, The Wire, True Blood, Dexter & Ray Donovan -but where is Game of Thrones?

2013-09-04_1113Presto Entertainment has added more TV titles, this time from HBO and Showtime

HBO programs will include The Sopranos, Entourage, The Wire, True Blood, Boardwalk Empire, Girls, Veep, Band of Brothers and The Pacific.

But audience-darling Game of Thrones is not included, despite repeated statements about making content available and affordable to combat Piracy.

Showtime titles will include Dexter, The Borgias, Californication, Deadwood andDexter, The Borgias, Californication, Deadwood .

Shaun James, Director of Presto and Video on Demand, said, “We’re pulling out all the stops to ensure we have a compelling line-up of television content available for our subscribers when Presto Entertainment goes live and are thrilled to announce these amazing hits from HBO and Showtime. Aussies will see these hit shows first, and in HBO’s case exclusively, on Presto and we know that these TV gems will delight our subscribers. We’re looking forward to more surprises for TV lovers with our full content line up as we approach launch, so stay tuned, Presto Entertainment is just getting started.”

· The Sopranos
· The Wire
· Boardwalk Empire
· Band of Brothers
· Entourage
· The Newsroom
· True Blood
· The Pacific
· Girls
· Six Feet Under
· Hung
· Veep
· Big Love

· Dexter
· The Borgias
· Brotherhood
· Californication
· Deadwood
· Nurse Jackie
· Ray Donovan

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