Recipe To Riches: finale

2014-12-03_1227Next week Recipe To Riches has its grand final on TEN, in which one lucky winner will walk away with $100,000 prize money and a business partnership with Woolworths.

Last night the series pulled 549,000 viewers and won its timeslot in 25-54 year olds.

Sahar Awdi’s Tamir Cake with Sticky Toffee Sauce is the final product of the series to hit supermarket shelves ahead of next week’s final.

“I’ve been keeping an eye on all the products and they are all amazing from a group of special people,” says Sahar, who pockets $10,000 as a category winner. “My hope is that Australians fall in love with my cake.”

The grand final takes place outside the 2014 ratings year, at 7:30pm Tuesday December 9th on TEN.

Each of the weekly winning contestants have been put through their paces.

Their recipes have been tested in the batch up kitchen for mass production, the boardroom for marketing and branding, on the streets for product launch and finally, the ultimate test: on the shelves of Woolworths. See who has the best-selling product and will be crowned the Recipe To Riches winner for series two.


  1. @Oceangrapher: How is 1hr a week for about 8 weeks stretching it out? If this was on Nine or Seven, Batch up would be Sunday, Marketing Monday, Launch Tuesday, and result Wednesday. 😛

  2. oceanographer

    Maybe if they condensed the show into half they might have a somewhat watchable show. But in Ten’s style they like to stretch out the format and make it slow and unbearable. It doesn’t even have the same compelling content as other reality shows to strech it out this long.

  3. Lacklustre season and also the products. Total fail in the programming department to leave the final outside of ratings period. It will be up to Woolworths if there will be another season.

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