Renewed: Winners and Losers

2014-12-03_1028Seven’s gal pal drama Winners and Losers has been renewed for a fifth season.

The Bevan Lee-created series will resume production early in 2015 set for more tales of its best friends supporting one other through happiness and heartache, and dealing with life’s ups and downs.

“At its heart, Winners & Losers is about the unbreakable bond of friendship and that’s why it resonates with so many Australians,” said Seven’s Head of Drama, Julie McGauran. “It’s an evolving story about young women trying to make their way in life, connected by shared experiences and supporting each other along the way. We’re delighted the journey continues.”

The renewal comes after the series averaged 1.05m metro viewers across 2014, its fourth best performer of locally-produced dramas, behind INXS: Never Tear us Apart (up to 2.24m), The Killing Field (1.4m) and A Place to Call Home (1.15m).

By contrast, Lee’s own A Place to Call Home was axed because it didn’t attract enough younger viewers, before winning a late and rare reprieve through Foxtel.

Winners and Losers, which scores better in the younger demos, is renewed as the network’s highest-rated locally produced drama series ahead of Home and Away.

Next year Seven expands The Killing Field into a new drama series into Winter, adding 800 Words with Erik Thomson and a Catching Milat miniseries.


  1. They must be doing something right then.I like how they have kept it youthful.America should buy the show to get some ideas how to do it right.They turned Sex and the City into a Middle aged version of this.

  2. Enjoyed the first couple of seasons but it has become a bit tired now and well past its use- by- date
    Virginia Gaye is always entertaining though.

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