Returning: Coast Australia

2014-12-18_1519Coast Australia, presented by Neil Oliver, returns to the History Channel early next month

The 8 x 60 minute series produced by Great Southern Film and Television sees Oliver travel along the Bass Strait coast of Victoria, in to South Australia, Northern New South Wales, South Western Australia, the Torres Strait, remote Norfolk Island, southern New South Wales and finally to the ochre rocks of the Pilbara.

He is joined by palaeontologist and explorer Professor Tim Flannery, marine ecologist Professor Emma Johnston, landscape architect Brendan Moar, anthropologist Dr Xanthe Mallett and historian Dr Alice Garner.

Coast Australia is the highest rated series on History.

Episode one explores the region between the Mornington Peninsula and the Gippsland lakes in Victoria, where Neil Oliver becomes one of only five people known to have set foot on the isolated island known as Skull Rock, as he joins the first scientific expedition there to discover what life it has sustained over millennia.

At Eagle’s Nest, Tim Flannery delves into pre-history, revealing his own role in discovering Australia’s polar dinosaurs and Alice Garner visits Victoria’s notorious Cheviot Beach, reliving the fateful day Australia lost its Prime Minister to these inclement waters.

Neil also travels to Phillip Island in episode one and reveals how an entire town was removed to save the penguins. Brendan Moar tackles the tricky sport of Blo-Karting along the flat sands of Waratah Bay.

On the Gippsland Lakes, Emma Johnston hunts for a brand new species of dolphin, and finally Neil Oliver takes to the skies with aviatrix Judy Pay, for an unforgettable tour of the Bass Strait Coast in a fully-restored warbird.

The first season of Coast Australia premiered in December 2013 and was the second highest rating (non-sports) series launch on Foxtel for 2013.

Monday, January 12 at 7.30pm on History.

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