Rumour: Gina Liano for “Judge Judy-style show”

2014-12-21_2340Barrister Gina Liano from The Real Housewives Of Melbourne has filmed a TV pilot for a Judge Judy-style “people’s court”, according to reports.

The Sunday Herald Sun reports pilot was filmed last week in front of a ­studio audience by McGuire Media, and is now under consideration by the pay TV network.

Quite how it would operate within an Australian legal system is unclear, but the woman who uttered the phrase “insignificant arse-hair” may need to behave if she is to represent the crown.

“I’ve got no comment,” she told the newspaper.

Rumours of a vehicle for the outspoken Liano emerged some months ago.


  1. “Quite how it would operate within an Australian legal system is unclear”.

    Binding arbitration. Perfectly legit, but rare in Australia for the sort of small claim disputes that would be involved.

  2. Well, I love Real Housewives of Melbourne … but not beacuse of Gina … her “I am a lawyer so I am always right” attitude got very boring very quickly. Almost as boring as the constant and agonising: “My husband is a Rock Star” by the Celine Dion lookalike … Former Rock Star for pity sake!!!!!

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