Rumour: “MKR with restaurants” coming to Nine

Not just Renovation, 2015 looks set to see Seven and Nine go to war in the restaurant game.

2014-12-17_1428Knives at the ready…. the Nine Network looks set to get into the TV food game once again, with multiple sources indicating to TV Tonight that it has a new reality format on the way in 2015.

The unnamed project from Endemol Australia, being whispered about as the “MKR of restaurants,” is rumoured to see teams travelling the country to dine in and score each others’ restaurants.

That could see it as a spoiler against Seven’s Restaurant Revolution, which reworks the network’s former My Restaurant Rules -which itself led to My Kitchen Rules.

Nine last had a tilt at a local food contest with The Great Australian Bake-Off in 2013, a local adaptation of the highly-successful UK series, and has previously dabbled with The Chopping Block from The Block producers Julian Cress and David Barbour.

Nine is still to reveal some of its key titles for 2015, after deciding against the traditional Upfronts this season. It is also expected to confirm a revival of Renovation Rumble pitting House Rules winners against The Block chamos.

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  1. Wonder_boy it aint no genius first play from Nine. Cross pollination of contestants has been happening for many years around the world. IN fact I think it first began when Boston Rob and Amber from Survivor went on to compete on TAR about 10 years ago. Yes Nine has bragging rights – on imitation. And as for that grand-daddy tite – BB, TAR, Survivor ( to name but a few) are all light years ahead of that block drivel,

  2. I think nine stealing of the years of MKR winners against The Block is a genius idea! Talk about taking the The Block to the next level. Doing that will forever get bragging rights and to give rise to the myth that The Block was the grand-daddy of the shows because what show has got another networks shows stars? {think Survivor on CBS poaching, say 20yrs of winners on TAR? Actually ratings equivalent would be Dancing}. It’s never been done, it’ll turn it into a race between the 2. MC still holds all the records I though? I remember a producer on BB was saying to take it up a notch you are going to have to kill a resident to make it interesting because everything has been done before. A Dog! Miriam! Shocks! Ten going 5 nights live from Africa sounds exciting! Almost season1 MC exciting.

  3. Yet another uninspiring and substance-less idea by the boring and one-dimensional Nine Network.
    This is exactly why they don’t deserve to be the number one rated network in this country.

  4. Eighteen months ago I would have been annoyed at the prospect of yet another dumbed-down low-rent competition show full of noisy wanna-bes pushing my decent dramas even later into the night (or out of the schedule). Since I stopped watching either 7 or 9, I no longer care.

    The more discerning viewers are moving/have moved to other platforms while the commercial networks ignore them and compete with each other for the remaining sea gulls by frantically throwing more and more chips into the air.

  5. Wondered how long it would be before nine jumped on the band wagon again with a cooking show, why can’t they try something different, don’t we have enough of these shows already, this sounds like it will be basically the same as all the other ones, even if they says it isn’t. Quite pathetic, one more reason not to watch.

  6. Here we go! Aren’t we all looking forward to the FTA offerings next year!! Copycat 9 & 7 are only doing themselves more harm in the long run.

    Ten offering a point of difference with Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here. Although it is still within the reality bug category.

    No wonder why there are claims that television will be dead within 20 years of whatnot.

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