Airdate: Gogglebox Australia

LifeStyle has confirmed the premiere of Gogglebox Australia as Wednesday, February 11 at 9.30pm.

This is the local series of the the UK show in which cameras capture viewer reactions as they watch television shows.

That means it will air on TEN Thursday February 12th, given it has been confirmed to air just a day later. It’s the first time a show has enjoyed back to back premieres across STV and Free to Air, as first revealed by TV Tonight.


  1. I watch some of it on LifeStyle and its fun, not sure if I’ll watch it ever week but it is better than the promos suggest.

    Besides if bombs on TEN and is yanked I’m sure it will keep going on Foxtel.

  2. The promotion of this show has been diabolical. The ads fail to give the audience an understanding of what the show is about. The UK version is fabulous. The show will only work if clips from all commercial networks are used. I have a terrible feeling it’s going to be one huge promo for Foxtel, using a lot of Foxtel shows which many people will have no idea about.

  3. UK version is very funny but it comes down a)getting the cast right and b) a willingness to take the piss out of all programmes, including those aired by your own station. Australian TV traditionally struggles with a) and hardly every does b) so not hopeful. But, in contrast to the usual dismal record of virtually all Australian TV, Spicks and Specks and The Amazing Race were two copies that were actually better than their originals so success is possible.

  4. Bit of a worry that the trailer isn’t at all funny when the UK version is incredibly funny.

    Will all come down to the local production whether this works or not.

    The concept in itself can certainly work.

  5. I’ve seen the British version on YouTube – what’s entertaining about watching people watching television? This show will bomb out, I give it about three episodes.

  6. @Rutzie: When I was in the UK in March 2013, it was a few weeks prior to the season 1 premiere of Gogglebox (UK). The commercials were horrid, and I rubbished the hell out of the show, thinking what kind of idiot would watch it. 6 months later, season 2 began and my sister who lives in the UK happened to see it and said it was hilarious. I managed to access the show and have loved it ever since. This is one show which you cannot judge on the commercials.
    Saying that, I do have my doubts because it is an Australian version, and usually I cannot tolerate the casting of Aus reality. We’ll have to wait and see.

  7. Ten and Lifestyle need some promos that explain what this show is and how it works.

    They also need to be seeding extended 2-3 min clips online and social media to give people a taste

    And they need to do it now – or this show will fail

  8. That first look is completely underwhelming and does nothing to make me want to watch. What’s with the national anthem playing in the background.

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