Airdate: Hiding

2015-01-10_1824The first new Australian drama for 2015 is locked in with ABC’s witness protection drama, Hiding.

Described as a “gripping, darkly humorous family drama” is produced by Playmaker Media and features James Stewart, Kate Jenkinson, Stephen Curry, Lincoln Younes, Olivia DeJonge, Kim Gyngell, Nathan Page, Marcus Graham, Jacqueline McKenzie, Ryan Johnson, Jodi Gordon, Paula Duncan & Alan Flower.

It airs on Thursday February 5 -three days before the start of official ratings.

After a botched drug deal, Troy (James Stewart) must take his family into Witness Protection in exchange for giving evidence against his former employer, vicious crime boss Nils Vandenberg (Marcus Graham).

With new names and fresh identities, the Quigg family is ripped from their home on the sun-drenched Gold Coast and dumped in a safe house in Western Sydney as the Swift family. Dislocation adds complications to everyone’s lives. Troy is unprepared for his undercover role as an academic in the criminology department of an elite university. His teenage son is not prepared to be separated from his gorgeous girlfriend and his daughter has just been suspended from school.

The dysfunctional Swift family has to adapt to their new world while living with the constant threat that a corrupt cop or leak within Witness Protection could destroy their cover and bring those who want Lincoln (Troy) silenced gunning for him and those he loves.

Created and written by Matt Ford. Directed by Shawn Seet, Tori Garrett and Grant Brown. Produced by Diane Haddon and Matt Ford. Executive Producers David Maher and David Taylor. A Playmaker production in association with ABC TV, Screen Queensland, Screen NSW and Screen Australia. 

Thursday, 5 February at 8:30pm on ABC.


  1. I just saw the trailer for this on ABC TV. Are they trying to make it look like a cheesy soap opera or is it actually a cheesy soap opera? The trailer has a lot of people screaming at each other in the kitchen. I thought for a moment I was watching a trailer for Neighbours! Seriously, this is supposed to be high-end TV?

    And another thing – is it my imagination, or are most of the cast the same old faces we keep seeing on TV?

  2. Have been looking forward to this for months. They filmed parts of this down the road from me in Summer Hill – some very cold August nights for cast members wearing very little!

  3. Being an academic in a university is hardly the sort of job that someone in witness p would want or be allowed to have given the many obvious hurdles and pitfalls-perhaps he becomes a TV game show host later in the series?
    Sounds like someone’s watched ‘In Plain Sight’…

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