Airdate: House of Hancock

Nine launches its ratings season with a double dose of drama.

2015-01-30_1346Nine has confirmed House of Hancock will premiere on the first night of ratings, Sunday February 8th, a day before Gallipoli airs.

House of Hancock is a two-part mini-series produced by Michael Cordell, Claudia Karvan and Paul Bennett from Cordell Jigsaw Zapruder.

No airtimes have been revealed for either drama.

House of Hancock stars Mandy McElhinney as Gina Rinehart, Sam Neill as Lang Hancock and Peta Sergeant as Rose Lacson. It tells the epic true story of the Hancock dynasty and the bizarre love triangle that emerged between Lang (Neill), his daughter Gina (McElhinney) and his beautiful Filipina housekeeper Rose (Sergeant).

Lang and Gina are inseparable, the perfect team, and Gina is confident she will soon inherit the family business. But their relationship is rocked by a series of tumultuous events.

First, Lang is furious when Gina marries a man old enough to be her father. Then Lang’s beloved wife Hope dies. In an attempt to help her ailing father, Gina employs a new housekeeper to get him back on track, Rose Lacson from the Philippines, not realising this will be a decision that tears their family apart.

Lang is instantly smitten with the vivacious Rose, 37 years younger than the ageing iron ore magnate. Is it real love? Or has the housekeeper snagged the richest man in Australia?

Lang and Rose quickly marry and what follows is an increasingly bitter public feud lasting two decades: filled with forbidden love, murder accusations, drug charges, illegitimate children, court cases and epic betrayal, all played out in the media, and all for Gina to retain control over the staggering Hancock family fortune.

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  1. The whole idea of finding some event or scandal that’s occurred and making a telemovie out of it is getting tired. It only works on rare occasions. Is there just no one in TV land that has an original idea anymore?

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