Airdate: Howard Defined

Janet Albrechtsen's interviews with John Howard now forma 5 part series for SKY News.

2014-09-18_1354Next week SKY News begins a five part series, Howard Defined, on ex PM John Howard, with interviews conducted by The Australian columnist, Janet Albrechtsen.

Both have previously appeared on Sunday Night.

Howard Defined shows a personal side to Mr. Howard not seen during his time in the top job. Talking candidly about the death of his father, his wife’s cancer scare and the balance of family life and politics, we get an insight into the man behind the force.

Also sharing his thoughts on the current Australian government, Mr. Howard discusses his disappointment at the governments retreat from its fight to repeal Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act and for the first time reveals his thoughts on Joe Hockey’s “poor people” comments and first budget as Treasurer.

He speaks of his unease at politically motivated Royal Commissions and addresses the problems the nation faces with young Australians joining the Islamic State.

Howard Defined is an honest and reflective account of what being Prime Minister entails, including the personal sacrifices, responsibilities and emotions associated with what it truly means to lead a country.

8pm Sunday January on SKY News.

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