Airdate: Step Dave

2015-01-05_0028GEM premieres New Zealand drama Step Dave this week.

It stars Jono Kenyon as a bartender whose life is turned upside down when he meets the woman of his dreams.

As a NZ drama it will count towards Nine’s annual quota of local drama, which Nine has been doing over summer for several years now.

It premiered in NZ last February and has been renewed for a second season.

Dave meets Cara after she hurts herself trying to climb out of a pub toilet. Although she initially ignores his advances he soon finds out this is because of a significant age difference and the three children that she has.

10:30pm Wednesday on GEM.


  1. I watched step dave and didn’t mind the first episode. I’ll give it another go next week. Im surprised that a similar kind of show hasn’t been created in Australia. Its nice to watch a show where you don’t know any of the actors. I hope gem doesn’t stuff it around and airs the whole season.

    I was googling the series today and saw a facebook post on their official website promoting the series premier in Australia with an added a link it to this very article on the tv tonight site!

  2. This actually looks ok but I’m not sure I would want to make the effort and watch and have to put up with nines constant timeslot changes. I wonder if they will post it on jumpin?

  3. From NZ, it’s good to see NZ content on air in Australia – even though it is at non ratings period.
    NZ take plenty of Australian content to screen but Australian networks don’t do the same which is a shame, as there’s some great television coming out of NZ – worthy of decent timeslots.
    I’ve already IQ’d this one!

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