Airdate: Winter. Returning: Grey’s Anatomy.

Rebecca Gibney's new drama series begins on Seven next week.

2015-01-27_1605Seven begins its new drama series Winter next week, premiering at 9pm Wednesday night.

Rebecca Gibney, who first appeared as Det. Sgt. Eve Winter in 2014’s telemovie The Killing Field, Rebecca Gibney returns with Peter O’Brien as Detective Inspector Lachlan Mackenzie.

They are joined by

Together, they must solve the chilling murder of young 23-year old mother Karly at a hauntingly beautiful fishing town south of Sydney. On the same night a troubled young girl Indiana (Sara Hope) is hit by a car in Kings Cross.

Enter Federal policeman Jake Harris (Matt Nable) who isn’t keen to share his case; or star witness Indiana, but Eve’s instincts tell her to dig deeper. Meanwhile Lachlan is running a parallel investigation into his own cold case, another murder in the same costal town eight years ago.

Between the picturesque backdrop of the south coast and the busy city of Kings Cross, Eve has to juggle her personal life, professional life and the competing interests of the case. What is the connection between Indiana and Karly? And how are these two related to Lachlan’s cold case? What started as a straight domestic homicide will uncover secrets buried decades deep and push Eve’s team to breaking point.

Next week Seven also returns Grey’s Anatomy with a double episode at 9pm Tuesday February 3rd (likely to be in single eps thereafter).

Previously announced titles for next week include Home and Away, My Kitchen Rules and Better Homes and Gardens.

Sunday February 1
6:30pm Australian Open final

Monday February 2
7:00pm Home and Away
7:30pm My Kitchen Rules
9:00pm Movie: Click

Tuesday February 3
7:00pm Home and Away
7:30pm My Kitchen Rules
9:00pm Grey’s Anatomy dbl ep
11:00pm Scandal

Wednesday February 4
7:00pm Home and Away
7:30pm My Kitchen Rules
9:00pm Winter
10:00pm Criminal Minds rpt
11:00pm Grimm

Thursday February 5
7:00pm Home and Away triple ep
8:30pm Movie: Fatal Honeymoon

Friday February 6
7pm Better Homes and Gardens

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  1. @ Guy and Elizabeth C. I suppose Easter might be right for Winners and Losers, 8:30 Tuesday is its traditional spot and unless they want to can it, it will stay in the same spot. As we all know Aussie drama shows moving time slots generally signals the end of faith by the network and viewers lose interest.

  2. @tvf. I honestly thoguht it was AFL, now I am more annoyed that they play silly buggers with H&A scheduling.
    You are right then it is all about BH&G, being the top rating show and Logies winner for years now…

  3. @nik c
    Winners and Losers won’t be back until after Easter i would think. No advertising and it hasn’t been mentioned. I actually think Monday at 9pm will be Revenge and Tuesdays at 9pm will be Murder and do what the US does with Shonda night. Obviously Grey’s and Scandal don’t rate as highly here as the US but still. State of Affairs i think will end up on Thursdays.

  4. @Nik C I don’t think W&L will be back yet – maybe after Winter?? Not sure how long that series is for…

    My predictions:
    Mon – Revenge, maybe Parenthood or Mistresses
    Tue – HTGAWM, G&A, Scandal (like the US)
    Thurs – maybe Bones and Castle?

  5. @nikc&mc82

    AFL matches on Friday night start at 7.50pm. What 7 chooses to air between 7pm and 7.30pm is their choice. They have chosen bh&g. 7 spent many years showing home and away before the live AFL on friday night before 7 changed it. This has nothing to do with AFL and everything to do with bh&g. Two EPs on Thurs is bad enough now we have 3.

  6. @nikc
    I forgot about winners. Ur probably right about winners airing on Tues. It seems strange that 7 refused to fast track anything now they appear to have some new eps dramas airing at 10.14ish that viewers have been waiting for.

  7. @tvf: I expect Revenge and Murder to be on Monday and Winners and Losers will return on Tuesday’s followed by Greys (which used to be Parenthood, I think it is wrapping finale season in the US).

    I did expect Greys to be on Thursday, but they must be trying to freshen up their lineup!
    Not sure why 7 screen 6 eps of H&A except needing drama points?

    Would also be good to edit the Reality show to a 60 or 90 minute time consistently. e.g 60 mins Mon and 90 mins Tues etc….

  8. Seven really should prefix any advertised start times with the word “approx” if it means it airs after MKR or House Rules.

    And six episodes of Home & Away squished into four nights? That’s far too inconsistent. Were Friday nights really that detrimental to the H&A audience?

    I would’ve liked to see I’m a Celebrity air at 7pm to take advantage of Seven’s poor programming.

  9. It was good to see Rebecca Gibney lying on a bed with a gentleman on top of her in the short-take, no doubt about the soft porn drams writers in Australia, they couldn’t write a plot based drama to save their lives. Makes the decision to not watch real easy.

  10. Winter on Wednesdays is interesting. I was expecting it to go Tuesdays as that is where Seven usually put Australian Drama, not always but most of the time. I’m looking forward to How To Get Away with Murder too! Heard so many great things about it.

    David any word on The Blacklist? Will it be soon or later in the year. Originally i heard it would be back February.

  11. Really 7, 6 episodes of home and away again this week? I suspect winters start time will be more like 8.47pm. Wonderland doesn’t look to have much chance against winter. Surprised winter not scheduled for sevens usual Aussie drama slot of 8.30-9ish Tues. I suspect Tues will be shonda night going fwd with htgawm, greys and scandal.

  12. As Australian Primetime is from 6 to Midnight, There’s Room for Feb 8-14 on Seven to Debut New Seasons of Revenge, Parenthood, Downton Abbey, The Goldbergs and New Series How To Get Away With Murder. Plenty of Primetime Space Available.

  13. So it starts next Wednesday at 8.30 but MKR runs from 7.30 – 9! I wish we knew what 7 were scheduling. They are so inconsistent with start times…

    Pity Grey’s is a double next week. Thank goodness for my PVR!

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