Gallery: New set for Nine’s Mornings

Mornings - Channel 9498EXCLUSIVE: Nine’s Mornings show returns on Monday with a new-look set.

David Campbell, now dad to twins, returns but new mum Sonia Kruger is on maternity leave.

Wendy Kingston will guest co-host on Mondays with Georgie Gardner appearing Tuesday to Fridays.

9am Mondays on Nine.

Mornings - Channel 9472

Mornings - Channel 9483


  1. You cant polish a turd. Studio 10 is by far the best morning show on TV. Mornings is a tired 1970’s format that hasnt changed since Bert Newton, and all those mornings shows we’ve had in the past

  2. They have gone to a blue-ish colour scheme similar to Studio 10 as well (not saying they are copying them – but easy to see the inspiration). Flicking around without paying attention, you would think they’re the same show

  3. So it’s coming back at long last. Not before time, those repeats were getting a bit stale. This morning they showed a segment on teen sexting which referred to “The Napthine Government’s new sexting laws”. The Napthine government of course lost office last November.

  4. Oh noes, personalised mugs!!!1 How dare they?! Studio Ten should’ve copyrighted that, since it was their original idea! Boycott Mornings people!


    Looks different. I’m more curious to see how this looks on-air. The caps look nice but that’s never how it looks on TV. Also the windows look kinda silly.

  5. It’s likely more than Mornings – Deb says “sets”:

    deborah knight @deborah_knight ยท Jan 21
    Some great new sets being finalised for on air here at Channel Nine. Stay tuned…

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