Gallipoli v Downton v Broadchurch?

Updated: 3 way battle avoided as Nine indicates Monday February 9 for Gallipoli.

2015-01-28_1339Viewers could be looking at a triple threat from some of TV’s biggest guns if the whispers are true…

Gallipoli vs Downton Abbey vs Broadchurch? Don’t rule it out.

Nine is widely tipped to screen Gallipoli on Sundays but with The House of Hancock also waiting in the wings it isn’t clear if it would air February 8 or 15.  With a major 60 Minutes interview with survivors of the Sydney siege, and The Block, either way Nine could be confident of a strong lead-in.

Seven is yet to confirm its programming for Sundays. Seven also has interviews on the Sydney Siege and is expected to screen My Kitchen Rules. Downton Abbey, which is also due to resume, has traditionally been a Sunday night show for the network.

Meanwhile ABC has confirmed Broadchurch for 8:30pm Sunday February 15, followed by new drama Fortitude. Broadchurch could avoid Gallipoli‘s two hour premiere if the latter starts Feb 8 but would almost surely compete at some point.

Meanwhile TEN has Shark Tank at 8pm Sundays from Feb 15 followed by NCIS: New Orleans at 9pm.

UPDATE: Nine on-air watermark indicates Monday week (Feb 9) for Gallipoli.

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  1. Interesting to know whether Seven were just waiting for Gallipoli to be scheduled to announce How To…Murder for Tuesday or whether they moved it.

    They are copying ABC’s Rhimes chick night. They were able to launch very successfully on Thursdays because CBS had football and moved TBBT to Monday for the first part of the season.

    They are still keeping Sunday and Monday under wraps despite Nine and Ten announcing their lineups.

  2. Broadchurch: we were able to cancel the DVD from friends in the UK because the ABC schedule via TV Tonght enabled us, sadly the Downton Abbey DVD received and watched. The silly little games the commercial channels play keeping scheduling secret until the last minute is costly for them. But then AusTams guesstimates don’t ask us what we watch and when, maybe it’s not costly

  3. Could Seven be bold and launch Murder on Mondays up against Gallipolli rather than Tuesdays as expected? The promotion plus US reception indicates a big premiere which would prove more competitive than Revenge.

    I expect that Nine will tread more lightly with local dramas in this first quarter. Last year they aired Schapelle, Fat Tony and Love Child in the first quarter and were left light on content after Easter.

  4. Leaves Nine still short of Sunday content. They only had the TTBT and Forever for the week though. House of Hancock followed by House Husbands later? They have scheduled the World Cup games for Saturdays.

    Australia and DA seem best suited to Sunday.

    How To…Murder needs a good slot. 9pm Monday seemed likely with Revenge to follow at 10pm.

    They are advertising State of Affairs after the tennis. They will want to get it on before the May announcement 9pm Tues with GA moving to 10pm.

    With The Blacklist to follow Winter after it finishes?

    Seven usually have some surprise up their sleeve.

  5. Gallipoli is based on Les Carlyon’s critically acclaimed book which replaces the ANZAC myths and propaganda with well researched history told through the stories of people involved. We will see if it is good TV.

  6. I haven’t seen Seven air anything for Downton Abbey yet. I get that it’s a returning show that doesn’t need such heavy promotion, but they’re leaving it a tad late if they plan for it to return in the next couple of weeks.

    I think Seven could be planning to slot Winter in on Sundays, then flow into Downton around Easter (depending on how many episodes of Winter they’ve got).

  7. Yes, Broadchurch without question!
    I wait to watch Downton Abbey seasons without ads and it’s OK, but I will never sit through anything on 7 or 9 who show snippets of programs between acres of horrendous ads.

  8. Broadchurch clearly.

    Gallipoli may well be an excellent series but I would question what new angle it could possibly bring to a subject that has been “done” so many times before (won’t rule out taping it for later viewing, though).

  9. Downton Abbey for me, love period series, although Gallipoli might be good think we will be inundated with this type of series this year so will wait until closer to the 100th anniversary before I watch these, as to me it will have more significance at that time.

  10. I see TEN have not recalled their starting on the hour idea from a couple of years ago was a flop and things quickly shifted back to the half hour, as they are doing it again this year. It will just make more people PVR TEN an watch something else.

    Also, I rarely watch Nine, so not sure if it has aired, but what ever happened to the Gina Rinehardt TV movie, or is this House of Handcock a replacement with just a small amount of Gina?

  11. Broadchurch for me and Gallipoli on catchup.
    I saw an ad for 60 minutes siege Ep. It was the most exploitative 15 seconds of tv I have ever seen. Those poor people shouldn’t have to do this for compensation.

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