Gone: Step Dave

2015-01-05_0028That was quick.

Nine has removed NZ comedy Step Dave from GEM after just one episode.

As of yesterday it is now playing Supersize vs Superskinny at 10:30pm Wednesdays.

And that’s despite its value in local drama points…


  1. I can’t believe this.
    I was looking forward to the second episode – will just have to pick up the DVD (already out in NZ) – thanks channel 9, no wonder I hardly watch you!

  2. Once again the “false economy” that is these artificail TV ratings are used as an excuse for the total stupidity of programmers!
    “The game nobody wins!” … particularly the viewers!

  3. Secret Squirrel

    How does Nine expect a new program to build an audience if they pull it after 1 ep? How many people normally watch GEM at 10:30pm at this time of year anyway?

    The numbers are so low that there would only be a few ratings boxes acting as a proxy for the entire 5 city population, meaning that the numbers are unreliable and easily affected by a couple of households returning from holidays (or whatever).

  4. Comment made on post Airdate:Step Dave

    tvf January 5, 2015 at 6:35 pm –
    This actually looks ok but I’m not sure I would want to make the effort and watch and have to put up with nines constant timeslot changes.

    I did watch and and the show was removed. You have one again alienated a viewer. Why does a show on Wednesday night 10.30pm on a multichannel during non ratings needs to be played around with?

  5. Really?! I was out last night and recorded it. Hadn’t even looked at it yet, guess now I needn’t bother. I really enjoyed the first episode and was looking forward to more, no-one makes TV like the Kiwis do. Any news on whether we’ll ever get to see the rest or will I have to buy the DVD from NZ.

  6. Not even the big US networks remove shows during the season now on their main channels after just one episode.

    It’s about time programmers in Australia got real with their expectations – at the moment they just treat it as one big game which none of them are winning.

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