HitMaker, new Melbourne studios open.

Medium-sized studios open in Port Melbourne, from a creative behind Mad as Hell, Spicks and Specks & The Living Room.

2015-01-14_1315Melbourne has new production studios with HitMaker Studios in Port Melbourne now open for business.

The brain child of Jon Olb (Director: Mad As Hell, Thank God You’re Here, The Living Room, Spicks and Specks, Hamish & Andy) from Thousand Words Productions, it boasts a medium sized sound stage, edit suites, vision and audio control rooms, smaller acoustic studio and office space.

“We want to cater for the newer sectors of the market, such as online streaming and web content, and also provide a facility for the comedy and entertainment community to pilot and produce new broadcast concepts and experiment with new internet creations,” said Olb.

“There is a massive untapped market available for retailers, media outlets and large business organizations to create regular, engaging web content for their sites and innovations such as national staff briefings available for viewing on any device. We can provide the creative, or produce the video from a brief.

“HitMaker is a space for medium sized productions, run by creatives who are currently active in the broadcast, advertising and entertainment industries. We’ll have operational HD vision and audio control rooms for smaller productions, or a client can bring in their own facilities and crew for a larger production. And the soundstage is prepared for a tvc or corporate shoot to begin shooting rapidly, with large white, black and digital green walls available via roller-door access.”

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