NYE broadcast to go to tender

nye14The next broadcast of the City of Sydney’s New Year’s Eve fireworks will go to tender, after the conclusion of a 2 year contract with ABC.

A council spokeswoman told Fairfax, “The contract was awarded to the ABC by tender process for 2013 and 2014 New Year’s Eve coverage. The official broadcaster for 2015 has not yet been determined.”

Both ABC broadcasts for 2013 and 2014 attracted volatile commentary, especially the first event after an awkward hot mess.

But Nine and TEN, which have also broadcast in recent years, have not been without criticism. It’s an event everyone seems to have an opinion on.

But it also attracts bumper ratings and is seen as an opportunity to promote upcoming highlights with ABC averaging 2 million viewers with combined metro / regional audiences and 2 channels.


  1. More of a case of, the fact that it rates so well shows that whatever is on offer on the commercial networks is so bad people will watch anything else. I agree with Jason, too many promos/ads on Nine etc, most years they’ve not even had anything worth watching like Pink live.

    I find it quite ridiculous a broadcaster has to pay for the rights to show footage of a spectacular event that is a perfect tourism commercial for Sydney, if anything the govt should be paying the broadcasters! (i am assuming by tender, it means money is paid?)

  2. Maev....Sydney

    Oh please…dont wreck it again with commercial networks….
    Nine’s constant self promotion….and I still cringe at TEN’s effort…
    @ HardcorePrawn …I agree…they should just review the year….news…music …whatever…it would be cheaper than all the staged events…and probably a whole lot more interesting to watch….well it is what I would prefer to see.

  3. I’ve only caught a few minutes of each years’ ABC broadcast but what I saw was toe-curlingly bad.
    The fact that it rates so well shows that some people will watch just about anything.

    Why not dispense with the attempts at comedy and the poor quality variety events, and just show a brief round-up of the past year’s events and the fireworks?

  4. Fireworks are fireworks regardless of who has the rights – its what they show between the two fireworks displays which needs more attention – ultimately that is up to the network with the rights to manage…

  5. and what happens if no-one tenders for it or for the amount that the council is willing pay… now that could be awkward.

    Whilst it is a good platform for promotion, most people have it on in the background and then tune in for the actual fireworks. In fact, the fluff beforehand is just that – fluff.

  6. Back to Nine and 20 minutes of promos between 11:30 and midnt. Better save that P!nk show on the PVR for next year. Maybe TCN9 will have a reliable helicopter link by then, or forget the helicopter freeze-frames altogether.

  7. Sydney City Council must mandate in any tender, that future NYE coverage is live in markets outside the AEDT timezone.

    I (and possibly many other Queenslanders and Western Australians) have enjoyed watching the 9pm and midnight displays live on ABC News24 for the last two years: saving us from tuning in to delayed product. Don’t let it go backwards, with a return to a choice of only delayed coverage in markets outside the AEDT timezone, in the social media age.

  8. The question is. How did the ABC win it last time. Where they the highest bidder? Where the other networks interested? The fact is Nine and Seven don’t need it! Ten probably can’t afford it!

  9. Channel 7 should bid, get Kochie up there! haha.
    As I live in Sydney I feel 7 is more a part of the city than any other network. It’s a shame their news is so poor though.

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