Renewed: Arrow, Supernatural, The Flash, Jane the Virgin.

Plus: Reign, The 100, The Originals and The Vampire Diaries.

2015-01-12_1731The CW has renewed a strong of scripted titles including Arrow and the long-running Supernatural.

It also renewed Jane the Virgin, The Flash, Reign, The 100, The Originals and The Vampire Diaries which premiere in Australia on Foxtel.

Mark Pedowitz, president of youth-skewed network The CW said, “Each of these series have helped define what The CW is today, a network that is home to smart, provocative, quality programming, targeting a savvy adult audience,”

“By picking up these shows now, our executive producers can start planning next season’s storylines, and rolling these shows out throughout next season guarantees The CW will have more proven original series for our fall, midseason and summer 2016 lineups.”

Since adding Jane the Virgin and The Flash, the network is up 14 percent in total viewers in Year on Year figures.

Yesterday Jane helped the network pick up its first ever Golden Globe Award.

Not all orders will be for full-season 22 episodes and not all shows will return next fall, with some of them possibly being held back for midseason and even summer, the CW president Mark Pedowitz said. But the network is not planning to ramp up limited runs despite the large volume of shows. Of the just renewed series, The 100 had a 16-episode second-season pickup.

Source: Hollywood Reporter, Deadline

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  1. From what I’ve heard, the actors from Hart of Dixie have all but said it is not coming back. I think the 10 ep season this year says it all. A shame really as it is one of my favourites.
    Happy about Jane the Virgin. The actors have great chemistry and I’m enjoying the season thus far.
    Also great news for Supernatural. I see that show sticking around until the actors pull the pin.

  2. I heard they were holding off on Hart of Dicie until the ratings came in. (At the TCAs)
    Any idea David when we’re getting Hart of Dixie back on Foxtel? It’s started in the states. Thanks.

  3. @ Pertinax.
    The 100 was part of their fall line-up this year, a move back to mid-season or summer for Season 3 though seems likely.

    Whilst the call on Hart of Dixie is fair enough, I wouldn’t be writing off the chances of Beauty and the Beast too hastily due to the CBS/WB split issue and it looking like Pedowitz might invest in more scripted summer programming. Beauty and the Beast looks likely to be kept back until summer and with CBS managing to somehow get it renewed last season despite its utterly abysmal numbers and it being a further step closer to syndication I can see CBS bending over backwards to get it there.

  4. They have renewed their entire fall lineup plus the 100. Before their spring shows even aired. Doesn’t look good for Hart of Dixie or Beauty and The Beast.

    Jane The Virgin didn’t do much for their ratings, but it was up against The Voicem where CW has had a lot of failures, so they probably weren’t expecting a lot.

    The Flash has been huge for them building on the success of Arrow and The Originals and ending the long run of new shows tanking.

  5. Arrow and The Flash … Excellent.
    The others … I think they are running short of interesting new ideas, none of the others have been able to hold my attention, and I love watching TV!

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