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2015-01-22_1126Nine investigative series, Inside Story, returns with a second series next week, again hosted by Leila McKinnon.

Reporters Deborah Knight, Alicia Loxley, Tom Steinfort, Jayne Azzopardi and Brett McLeod will examine real-life crime stories and it kicks off with “Dirty Rotten Swindlers.”

Leila McKinnon investigates two of Australia’s most notorious fraudsters whose crimes are so grandiose, so brazen, they defy belief.

First, the intriguing story of Rajina Subramaniam – the biggest con-woman this country has ever seen. The timid Sydney accountant stole more than $45 million from one of the country’s largest corporations. Then she went on a spectacular spending spree. And, all the while, she was involved in a bizarre love triangle … right under the noses of unsuspecting workmates.

Then there’s Dimitri De Angelis, a master manipulator who shamelessly fleeced the rich … and the famous.

De Angelis portrayed himself as a wealthy businessman … a mover-and-shaker with ties to European blue blood dating back centuries, but in reality he was a conman who preyed on the trust, naivety and vanity of some of Australia’s wealthiest people.

We hear from Dimitri … and the investors whose lives he ruined.

Thursday January 29 at 9pm (after The Block) on Nine.

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  1. Being a true crime fan i have watched the previous series, not bad but nowhere near as good as Crime Investigation Australia or Forensic Investigators.

    I will be interested to watch if for no other reason than i always wonder how on earth these people get to steal millions before someone noticing the money is missing. I know they would be doing it smaller increments but you would think someone might notice after theres $20,000 missing not millions.

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