Returning: Selling Houses Australia

2015-01-24_1842LifeStyle Channel’s hit series, Selling Houses Australia, is back for its eighth and biggest season early next month.

The show, which premiered in 2008, has gone on to become the highest rating series in subscription television history. Along with Grand Designs Australia the LifeStyle shows arguably upstage all-comers in the genre on Free to Air television.

Over 70 properties have now been given the Andrew Winter, Shaynna Blaze and Charlie Albone treatment.

In the 13-episode season 8, the Selling Houses Australia dream-team of host Andrew Winter, interior designer Shaynna Blaze and landscape designer Charlie Albone, will do whatever it takes to turn everything from a country mansion to a micro motel room, into saleable properties, with spectacular results.

Selling a house with two vendors can be hard enough, but how about selling with seven squabbling siblings? The trouble began when the Chols children inherited a rundown renovator from their late mother. They all wanted to sell, but couldn’t decide on a price or how to present the place. Months of discussions turned into years, while the house sat untouched and unsold. Can Andrew play referee, pull this family into line and finally get a sale?

When Julienne saw her ramshackle mansion in country New South Wales, it was love at first sight. For 17-years she battled to restore its crumbling beauty, but when her husband died she decided it was time to move on. The place is falling down around her and Julienne doesn’t have the energy or funds to fix it. To add to her woes country markets are slow and after three years and just seven inspections, her chances of a sale are looking slim.

Angela always dreamed of a little holiday house by the sea. So when she saw a pintsized ex-motel unit at the bargain price $79,000, she snapped it up. For a while she made great use of the place, then life got in the way. Now she’s desperate to sell, but in two years hasn’t had a single offer. Can Charlie and Shaynna think outside the box and turn tiny into terrific?

Wednesday, February 4 at 8.30pm on LifeStyle.


  1. Just ramped up advertisements which they have done for a few years now.Bit different to the norm.It will be the same show that everyone knows.Yes 2 years ago they had Selling Houses Extreme.Look forward to viewing the latest series

  2. Every year they say its the biggest series so far. Wasnt last year’s series called selling houses extreme? I love this show and will be watching but keep it simple. Phil & kirsty are still doing the same thing so it doesnt need to be bigger and better to the point where the regular viewer cant relate to it

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