1.66m as My Kitchen Rules tops Gallipoli’s 1.1m

Ratings: A 9pm start for Gallipoli left it with a tough job to top the ratings, leaving MKR to keep its crown.

2015-02-10_0949Nine’s drama event Gallipoli has been upstaged by Seven’s Reality juggernaut My Kitchen Rules.

Seven’s cooking contest topped Monday night with 1.66m viewers storming the competition in its path: The Block was 919,000 and I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! was 651,000 / 614,000.

Gallipoli won its 9pm timeslot with 1.1m viewers but a decision to launch at 9pm meant the second episode dropped to 804,000 and we’ll need to see Timeshifted figures next week. Social media was also complaining about the number of advertisements, but Nine has boldly made the entire series available ad-free on Stan.

Despite the huge marketing push by Nine, it was Seven that won the night with 32.3% then Nine 28.7%, ABC 18.9%, TEN 16.1% and SBS 4.0%.

MKR was the only show to crack the magic million for Seven with Seven News at 966,000 / 963,000, Home and Away (882,000), Movie: Pitch Perfect (642,000) and Million Dollar Minute (422,000).

Following Gallipoli (1.1m / 804,000) for Nine were Nine News (1.08m / 1.07m), A Current Affair (945,000), The Block (919,000) and Hot Seat (524,000).

ABC News (880,000) led ABC then Australian Story (853,000), 7:30 (826,000), Q & A (626,000 / 125,000), Media Watch (638,000), ABC News Late (560,000), Four Corners (549,000) and Antiques Roadshow (309,000).

TEN coded I’m A Celebrity Get Me out of Here! into two (651,000 / Intruders 614,000). TEN Eyewitness News was 629,000, The Project was 581,000 / 446,000, The Bold and the Beautiful was 418,000, Law and Order: SVU was 327,000 / 211,000.

Worst Place to Be a Pilot was 255,000 on SBS ONE then Swallowed by a Black Hole (167,000), SBS World News (164,000) and Rick Stein’s Spain (104,000). Uncle was just 58,000.

ABC2’s Octonauts led multichannels with 292,000 viewers.

Sunrise: 366,000
Today: 298,000
ABC News Breakfast: 95,000 / 66,000

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 10 February 2015

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  1. Amazed that Ch 9 would invest in this then throw it away by screening 2 episodes at 9pm on a Monday night. Way past my bedtime. Didn’t watch, though I wanted to. Will catch up on the recording one day.

  2. Regarding Gallipoli, can’t help thinking we’ve seen it all before.
    This genre has been covered over and over and over again.
    Agree that they should have covered the back story of the characters first.
    The young lead is very good in portraying the youth, naiveness and vunerability of so many of the young soldiers though.
    They have also handled the incompetence and sheer disrespect of some of the British officers in charge towards the Aussie soldiers very well.

    Also agree with many here that it’s not very smart programming on Nine’s behalf to screen a double ep of one of their supposedly flagship programs so late on a Monday night.

    1. I’d like to see evidence of the Gallipoli story being told repeatedly in the past? There’s the Peter Weir film more than 20 years ago, then Russell Crowe’s film this year with a very different angle that not that many people have seen.

      It’s the 100 year anniversary. I can see why this was thought to be a good idea.

      Maybe more of the anniversary could have been at the forefront of the promos…

      Will be interesting to see the consolidated numbers as there was no way I was starting a 2 hour drama at 9pm on a Monday, but I did have my IQ set and watched it last night (was pretty good for a first ep and obviously wasn’t as upset with the ads). For the slot it was in it was well ahead of everything else, so will be interesting to see all the catch up/PVR numbers etc, which I predict the percentage of those viewers will be way above average.

      1. There was last years Anzac Girls on abc and the mini series 1915 from the early 80s to name two. There was also a documentry series last year which I didn’t see.

  3. Like many people I suspect, I recorded Gallipoli and watched it back sans ads. FWIW I think it’s a very well produced Australian drama – magnificently photographed by Germain McMicking – no wonder he is starting to collect awards. The story is the story – it’s hard to watch, as a parent to a son even tougher – how could we have been so naive? Congrats to everyone including NIne for spending the money. The naysayers should give it a chance, I’m sure it will reward those who stay the course.

  4. I would have thought Gallipoli would have been better shown leading up to ANZAC Day. I just presumed 9 would have shown it then. It would have had a bit more meaning.

  5. Non liniear story telling seems to be the in thing at the moment, sometimes it works, sometimes it dosn’t. Gallipoli is one time where it didn’t. Having to see the war scenes before we got a chance to really know the characters made it boring for me. If they had showed their lives in Australia before going off to war, I may have stayed watching instead of switching off. Also I don’t know why Aus networks need to show rheir big shows at the top of the year, which happens to be still the height of summer. Viewers would have been more settled and in the mood to watch if they had waited ’till Anzac Day.

      1. Hi Gonzo, yes, non linear is a story told not in the order things happened but with flashbacks or flashforwards. As i said, I thought it would be better to have known the characters more before going straight into the battle scenes.

  6. TEN you need to do something different to the other networks, and drop the project back to 30 mins, at least for the next six weeks and start the other show at 7.00 which is what a few other people have said here. I must admit I watch Neighbours at 6.30 and then watch the Project later at night.

  7. I watched Pitch Perfect last night. Great movie and it did quite well considering it ended close to 11:30pm but still where is Revenge and Downton Abbey? I didn’t watch Gallipoli because i am not into the war style shows even if it is our history. Plus having a double episode is way too much for one night. Why do networks continue to do this? MKR continues to do very well. Tonight should be interesting with the premiere of How To Get Away With Murder. The ratings could be anything. I can’t predict these things anymore.

  8. @ Aussiecam58 Also agree. Reality to start at 7pm needs to be the point of difference for Ten. Otherwise, they are seeing the results in other shows underperforming as per the dire ratings for NCIS New Orleans and Law and Order SVU.

  9. Julia Morris is really good on IAC, she makes me laugh every time they cross back to her and Dr.Chris who plays off her pretty well too. Enjoying IAC more than I thought I would, it’s something a bit different and doesn’t seem to try too hard pushing storylines down your throat.

    1. @ J Bar I must be the only one that thinks that Gallipoli did really well in the ratings – 804K at 10.00pm at night for the second ep is great – there was not a lot of drop off from first to seccnd ep.

  10. Gallipoli was well done (although its budgetary limitations showed in some places). It deserved a lot better. The problem with it is that it’s a story that’s been told to death. It’s like the Titanic – we all know it sinks in the end. It’s also never going to be better than the 1981 Peter Weir movie, which is a masterpiece.

    1. I’ve been waiting for someone to mention the original ‘Gallipoli’ movie! I watched it last week and it still holds up after all this time (except for the electronica music). Brilliant movie that shows the naïveté of the young men who volunteered for the war effort.

  11. Ten needs to take another look at cutting back the project to 30 Mins and starting their reality shows at 7pm.
    Nothing has really worked since they started them at 7.30pm. Its becoming very obvious that they can’t match their shows to the might of MKR and such so why try??? They just don’t get the lead in from The Project.

    1. Agreed. They have to try something and while 7 & 9 will react to each other, they won’t react to 10; So it’s worth a try.

      I caught up on Shark Tank last night & it was great. But seriously, starting it at 8:00 is a terrible decision. MKR begins before ST starts, while next Sunday Broadchurch will begin before ST ends.

  12. It seems that the networks absolutely hate Australian drama. They spend a considerable amount on a series like this then throw it away in a timeslot too late for most families/people who work/students and then act surprised when the ratings are low.
    Also, they could have invested in some promotion for it. I did not see one poster, bus/tram ad, newspaper/magazine article or other related content. There may have been some advertising for it on their network itself but as I don’t watch free to air anymore I cannot comment on that. Certainly advertising for major programs needs to reach beyond the screen and into other media if it is to attract people who traditionally do not watch free to air.

    1. Ch9 bombarded commercial AM radio stations with the ‘must see’ tv event of the year. I guess 9pm must be the new 8.30pm which is no good for old codgers like me.

  13. A double episode and a 9pm start. The programmers at our commercial channels are clearly incompetent. It doesn’t take a genius to know ratings will be damaged by these 2 factors. If I was the makers behind Gallipoli I would be extremely frustrated with 9. They begged to get this show on their channel and then shafted it. 1 episode starting at 8:30 and I’d put good money on the ratings cracking 2 million.

  14. Gallipoli wasnt that good, and definitely should have been put on close to Anzac Day when everyone is taking time to reflect. 1.1 is an extremely bad result.

    I really enjoyed CGMOOH and Q&A was good last night with Jones & Jones .

  15. I’m wondering what time ‘Celebrity’ “intruders” was programmed as? Because it just was in the middle of the program – it’s not that it was the big reveal at the beginning or end, it was literally in the middle. Weird. David, do you know what time the breakdown is for? I wouldn’t have expected it to be coded as two at all!!

  16. MKR is unstoppable right now. Interested to see what ratings How to Get Away with Murder pulls in tonight, although most people have already seen it considering that the US is 12 episodes in.

    Still no sign of a promo for Empire, channel 10. Almost wish it was picked up by 9 or 7 and given a decent premiere.

    1. I agree with you there. Empire is a fantastic show that gets better each week. 11 million viewers and a 5.6 demo in the states with DVR playback, and Ten are giving it the world’s worst timeslot

  17. I saw on my Yahoo phone app that next Monday on channel 7 at 9pm is TBA (Revenge perhaps?), whilst 10pm has Greys and 11pm has Scandal (which will both also be on the following night at the same time). Why is 7 saturating our screens with more than one episode a week of these two shows?…I don’t want to be forced to watch two episodes of Greys a week, especially when other shows are returning as well. Do you have any insight into the programming of next Monday night on 7…I want Mistresses to return and many of my friends watch Parenthood (both of which I thought may be on Monday night). Last year Mistresses was on very late but I taped it to watch later…I’d rather it be on than not at all…7 has no idea to program and look after loyal viewers….

    1. 7 doesn’t have a clue on how to program dramas. 9pm is not an acceptable start time for dramas at all. I want to see greys so I’m ok with two eps a week as we are way behind but what would’ve been a better option is to fast track greys last year instead of the double eps and leave one slot for other shows viewers are waiting for. Its not like 7 left viewers with much to watch late last year.

      1. Here’s the thing though, internationally 9pm is the norm for drama’s to start. We are sort of coming into line with America now. Personally i prefer it to be 8:30pm but now with reality tv bombarding the schedule its where we are going unfortunately.

    2. Elizabeth, I have Grey’s and Scandal listed on Tuesday next week and they are the episodes which follow on from tonight’s episodes. Are you sure you’re not reading the guide wrong?

      1. Just saw that 7 so far have scheduled movie identity thief after mkr next Monday. Two nights of greys would’ve been better than another movie. Where’s downton?

  18. Gallipoli was certainly no Band of Brothers or The Pacific. It had its good parts but I think people were underwhelmed by it which reflects in its less than expected ratings. A truly remarkable event worth doing a drama about but it failed to resonate with the majority of people.

  19. The 9pm start certainly didn’t help Gallipoli. But despite its good production values it just felt as if it was telling a story everybody is very familiar with. It doesn’t really add anything new unlike the Water Diviner which at least offers a different perspective on this battle. And some of the battle sequences seemed very sparse and under populated. It may well be that despite the huge amount of money that government and others are putting into the Anzac centenary that Australian society has changed a lot, become more multicultural and that Gallipoli is less relevant. Will be interesting to see how all the other Anzac centenary shows go this year. I suspect they’ll also struggle.

  20. 9pm is indeed a late start for what should be a flagship show. Double episode couldn’t have helped either

    Ouch for SVU, perhaps Ten should move it back to Thursdays where it was getting 600k for fresh episodes and put Empire at 8:30 Mondays? I do not see Gogglebox being a hit

    1. Totally agree – having a double episode doesn’t help…one of the reasons I chose not to tune in…I don’t want to be forced to watch a double episode first up (or have to find time in the week to watch the second before the next week). I’m surprised 9 didn’t want viewers ‘wanting more’, which is why a 60 minute drama is more effective as we wait in anticipation for the following week.

  21. I think 9 would be very disappointed with that Gallipoli figures- I expected it to be one of the highest rated shows this year.
    Why on earth didn’t they show it the weekend before anzac day?!

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