1. Good Game replaces one scoring system with another scoring systems and that’s meant to be a big difference to the show, right.
    While I’m at it, how’d Good Game do?

  2. These late and’ not time sure’ starts are effecting programs. NCISand other shows are feeling it. Who ever says they make no difference or don’t matter need the sack.

  3. TEN have mostly held on to those 8.30(ish) starts over the last few years. But I can see NCIS is being impacted by that. Maybe it’s a case of can’t beat them, join them and have it start at 8.40

  4. What makes MKR so popular even in its millionth season? And what made Masterchef die after like 4 seasons? What is MKR able to keep the audience but masterchef not?

    Gotta feel for TEN here.

  5. I don’t want to be littering this website like an MKR supporter but there seems to be a lot of MKR haters at the moment – tall poppy syndrome maybe? It may not be an ‘intellectual’ program as some aristocrats were hoping for but just be proud that it is an Aussie production and it is creating jobs. Someone even accused Australians of being brainwashed – I think that is a bit extreme. I also love I’m A Celebrity on Ten and wished that it could have done better in the ratings. But I am not a fan of The Block but wouldn’t be bashing it almost every day with the same criticism. My motto is ‘agree to disagree’.

    • I couldn’t like this comment anymore if I tried !
      Thanks for sticking up for us mkr lovers … As you said it may not be the most intellectual program but it has never claimed to be …

    • I think a lot of us would like to see a more competitive ratings tussle, and we are probably exerting our frustration on MKR. I dont like MKR, but those ratings are well deserved considering the lacklustre competition right now.

      • Well said alvar. To add though, I think much of the negativity is audience response to the two hosts. How can I put this….Hamish and Andy, sorry, I find their sort of self-indulgent look-at-us humour really high-school but I recognise there was a time in Aussie culture…80’s/90’s perhaps most particularly.. where that type of humour was de rigeur. But these days, when that sort of humour is ten a penny on Twitter and YouTube, the audience is far less appreciative. In some ways, I think ya gotta love Manu etc etc but the sort of humour, the exchanges, the feigned or real arguments, the…… it’s very predictable. But, it is the best of the lot right now for other reasons. If something else came along that was not a rehash and actually had a production that seriously delimited all the feigned issues, it may push MKR to work a little harder.

  6. Big difference between Murder and the first season of Revenge in 2012. Obviously the late starting times have had a big impact on ratings. Also wouldn’t be surprised if it goes the same way as Scandal, being a heavily serialised fast paced drama.

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