ABC drama copping a Hiding from viewers


ABC’s newest drama Hiding is languishing in the shadows with viewers, falling to 327,000 viewers last night, fourth in its timeslot.

It was down another 102,000 from last week and is now averaging less than half its premiere at 730,000 earlier this month when it won its timeslot. By contrast Dr Blake Mysteries is nudging 1 million viewers, albeit without reality competition on Friday nights.

Meanwhile Gogglebox has improved for TEN, up from 438,000 to 493,000.

Seven network won Thursday with a 35.5% share then Nine 25.6%, TEN 17.6%, ABC 16.2% and SBS 5.0%.

My Kitchen Rules (1.5m) again topped the night. Next for Seven were Seven News (848,000 / 811,000), Home and Away (813,000), State of Affairs (523,000 / 303,000) and Million Dollar Minute (379,000).

Nine News (951,000 / 932,000) was best for Nine then A Current Affair (766,000), Open House (562,000), Hot Seat (562,000), Inside Story (556,000) and CSI (361,000).

TEN Eyewitness News was 517,000 for TEN. Gogglebox was 493,000. The Project was 472,000 / 346,000. Law and Order: SVU was 262,000.

ABC News (791,000) led for ABC then 7:30 (706,000), Outback ER (507,000), Hiding (327,000), Antiques Roadshow (292,000) and How We Got to Now (272,000).

On SBS ONE it was Gourmet Farmer Afloat (239,000), Heston’s Fantastical Food (182,000), SBS World News (116,000) and Sons of Liberty (105,000).

7TWO’s Lewis led multichannels.

OzTAM Overnights: Thursday 26 February 2015


  1. Hiding and the first two episodes were great, ep3 lost me, I’m sure Kym Gyngell is a great actor but his character has sucked the life out of this show, cringeworthy performance

  2. I’ve probably said this many times before but the promos for Aussie dramas do nothing to convince me to watch. Hiding could be OK for all I know, but the promos have never convinced me to check it out.

  3. The family in Hiding is really unlikeable. It’s hard to care about what happens to them…and of course you have to for the show to work. It’s drama 101.

      • Hot?? seriously? The first ridiculous premise of the show is that he’s way too young to be credible as the father of teenage kids. I didn’t like him in Rafters and I don’t like him in Hiding. I didn’t get past the first show, some of the situations and dialogue were so ridiculous.

  4. Gourmet Farmer – always a good watch and proving it with these numbers.

    Gogglebox is great and last night was not at all disappointing – laughing me chops off. Even thought it’s on foxtel – I always wait for TENs airing, cos there’s nothing to watch on a Thursday.

  5. Let’s face it but the average standard of Australian television and screen writing is poor and the ABC drama department has proved pretty incapable of improving it. If you measure it against comparable UK dramas on the same channel it is far behind. Hiding is just the latest of a long list of ABC dramas which are just not good enough to compete. The ABC despite the cuts still has a healthy budget for drama but seems to lack the people who can bring drama to the level that is required for competitive television spots. It seems a great opportunity lost.

    • The ABC doesn’t make Hiding, they pay Playmaker to write and produce it. What the ABC did was hold lots of meeting and sign off on everything in triplicate.

      The ABC is rumoured to spend less than $150m on scripted content each year, half of that one overseas shows. That hasn’t really changed it’s just that in the premium drama market they are competing against the BBC, HBO, Showtime etc. who spend $3-6m an episode.

      • Quite right Pertinax – the ABC drama department is supposed to set the drama agenda, curate the development slate, greenlight when projects are ready to go forward into commissioning and production, leading and guiding the process every step of the way while empowering the producers to do their job. The problem is no clear vision, inspiration or guidance from the top meaning the ABC drama offering does not deliver to their brand and the quality is inconsistent. The ABC is failing to attract the under 60 discerning drama viewer who has become very spoiled for choice with excellent international drama. Unless the ABC can step up these viewers will continue to vote with their remote.

    • I think that’s being overly harsh. ABC still has still produced some very good dramas in recent times – Miss Fisher’s, Dr Blake Mysteries, Redfern Now, Jack Irish, Janet King.. probably more i can’t quite think of off the top of my head. On the whole they balance out the turkeys they have made (Hiding, The Code etc)

  6. I still somewhat don’t get the point of watching people watch tv but have been watching gogglebox as a way of seeing highlights of shows that I wouldn’t normally watch such as foxtel shows. You can watch an hour of gogglebox and get a snapshot of 5 or 6 shows and don’t need to necessarily watch them in full. I got a snapshot of desperate housewives of Melbourne, quite a strange show and not something I would normally watch. From the reactions on gogglebox I knew there was a reason why I didn’t want to watch that Australian doco on 7 on sundays. I can’t believe they made them watch top gun. Surely they could’ve found something more current. I have no interest in greyhounds but they did discuss the more horrific parts of that 4 corners story.

  7. harrypotter1994

    Watched Gogglebox again and it was by far the best ep – first two were bit hit and miss but last night only segment I didn’t like was the Real Housewives of Melbourne part.

  8. I’m a Celeb will be back next year I would say based soley on the demos. It is in top 5 of each demo group. 1.1% for One – stop simulcasting IACGMOH now!!

  9. Dropped off Hiding after ep2 so this news is no surprise. What should have been a good overall premise was made a complete nonsense by the sheer stupidity of the plot.

  10. Hiding has some of the worst acting I’ve seen on Oz TV in a long time. Even compared to Wonderland, which I thought set the low water mark for bad acting and writing.

  11. Interesting figures for the second episode of State of Affairs shedding some 220,000 viewers from the first episode. I was one of those.

    Hiding I usually PVR it and I play back of a Saturday night, it was repeated in that timeslot on its first outing, maybe they need to repeat it again on Saturday night, instead of going to Rage early.

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