ABC set to revamp iview with binge seasons

2015-02-08_0059EXCLUSIVE: ABC is planning to step up iview this year, premiering entire seasons of select shows for binge viewing.

It’s not the first time ABC has offered full seasons, having previously offered Chris Lilley comedies in full, but Head of Programming for ABC1 / ABC2 tells TV Tonight the platform will be getting a major upgrade.

“We will be enhancing iview to make it a better, more rewarding experience for our audience, with more personalisation,” he says.

“On top of that we are going to have our own House of Cards moments on iview this year where we launch big shows on iview to drive audiences. We know audiences are going to iview in their droves and we actively drive them there. We view our audience in a very broad sense and we don’t care what platform they watch us on as long as they watch us.

“So, we’ll be taking a couple of moments when we go, ‘You know what, have it all, it’s available there right now.’”

iview will also be offering a specialist Arts channel and looking at revenue opportunities for archival programmes as pay per view.

“Our catch-up window is currently 14 days but we’ll be making some shows available to binge in their entirety but for longer than 14 days,” he said.

“Outside of that 14 days’ free window, some things will be available for you to purchase, so you can enjoy them outside of their catch-up window.”


  1. Billy C: Actually, many programs shown by the ABC are produced in full 1080p HD. They’re just never broadcast that way in Australia.

    If you pop on over to US Netflix, however, you’ll find ABC shows like Rake or Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries in crisp 1080p.

    And by the way, ABC1 broadcasts at 576i. iView, meanwhile, is around 280p and looks absolutely awful on anything larger than an iPad 😉

  2. 14 days to watch an entire season could be a problem . That means putting all your other favourite shows on Hold . Good in theory not so good in reality

  3. Dear ABC. If you want us to pay, please offer HD viewing. Currently the less-than-SD quality of iView is very off putting for anything other than news.

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