Airdate: Bubble Bath Bay

2015-02-23_0151New kids’ animation Bubble Bath Bay begins on ABC4Kids next month.

Aimed at 3 to 5 year-olds, it features best friends Sydney the Sailboat and Zip the Water Taxi as they learn to ride the waves of life alongside their fleet of friends in bustling Bubble Bath Bay.

Produced by Esssential Media, episodes are just 11 minutes each.

Sydney (Samson Hyland) a plucky young sailboat who dreams of one day sailing out through The Heads to explore the mysterious Big Blue Sea beyond the Harbour.

Zip (Frederique Sims) is a nimble junior water taxi, who dreams of becoming the best water taxi in the whole Harbour.

Both are full of enthusiasm and always ready to help. And when you’re an accident-prone little sailing boat who often launches before he looks, or a zippy little motor boat revving into action at the drop of an anchor, that’s not as easy-breezy as it sounds.

Terry the Tugboat (Colin Friels) is the salty old leader of the fleet and is in charge of keeping
Bubble Bath Bay ship-shape!

Under Terry’s gentle and steady command, each episode sees Sydney and Zip embarking on a new and exciting adventure, and in the process learning important lessons about teamwork, friendship, cooperation, respect and problem solving.

Whether it’s racing Bryan and Toots the chatterbox Ferries, assisting Muddles the cranky crane, competing with cheeky Jet the speedboat from Big Town, or exploring with Stormy the birdbrained Petrel and Slick the playful seal pup – Sydney and Zip will always do their best to make sure it’s all smooth sailing in Bubble Bath Bay.

Premieres Monday 9 March at 7:40am (weekdays) on ABC4Kids

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