Airdate: How to Get Away with Murder

US mystery series will screen 9pm Tuesdays from next week.

2014-10-11_0035Seven has now confirmed How to Get Away with Murder to premiere at 9pm on Tuesday February 10th.

That puts the series clear of competing against Gallipoli, but against new Big Bang and NCIS.

Annalise Keating is a tough as nails Criminal Law Professor and when Wes Gibbins starts his first day at Middleton University, he has no clue what he’s walking into. In her class, “How to Get Away with Murder,” Annalise challenges her students to solve some of the most difficult criminal cases that her law firm takes on, and in the end, she selects a group of the smartest, most promising students to come work for her. The competition is on and the students will stop at nothing to make sure they get to the head of her class. While Annalise seems to have it all together, we soon learn that her clients’ secrets aren’t the only ones she’s keeping.

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  1. Seven will edit MKR to the length they want. They won’t push How To… too late because that would encourage people not watching MKR to record it.

    Nine has listed a shorter episode of The Block so that TBBT starts at 8:45pm instead of 9pm (9:08pm) so it will stagger across Seven’s premiere.

    Seven planned to run ABC’s Chick night against Nine’s teenage boy sitcoms because it worked well in the US (though the TBBT was moved for football). How To… is on last at 10pm there because GA and Scandal are hits in the US. Seven has inverted it.

  2. Totally agree with other comments about the starting time.

    Even though MKR has been recorded months ago – it never runs on time.

    HTGAWM will start between 9.15 and 9.45 – if you are lucky.

    I am aware that it is halfway through its first season in America – episode 11 or 12? – so I am sure there are other ways to watch it and not have to put up with Seven’s overrunning.

  3. Might be showing me age but I rarely watch tv past 10pm on a school night so unless these show start within 5 min of the advertised time, they’re either recorded or ditched.
    Hope the show lives up to the hype of the ads.

  4. I hope channel 7 is reading these TV Tonight readers comments. We want shows to air on time. 9 is quite a late starting time in my opinion. Revenge used to start at 8.45 (which meant by 8.53ish). With HTGAWM advertised at 9 it’s anyone’s guess when it will start. I may have to tape it and watch later if they can’t get their act together! Why don’t dramas start at 8.30 anymore. Wonderland and Offapring were the only ones on commercial TV last year that got even close to 8.30.

  5. This is a good show. I’ve watched the first 11 episodes by other means and have enjoyed them. Won’t be to everyone’s tastes but if you like shows like Revenge and Scandal it is worth a look.

    Also interesting timeslot for it – I’d expect this means Downton for Sundays and Revenge for Mondays

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