Airdate: The Missing Evidence

A new 6 part doco series makes some bold claims about uncovering truths behind famous cases.

2015-02-24_1257Next week SBS begins a new 6 part doco series, The Missing Evidence ,which re-opens the files on true crimes and world-famous mysteries.

Beginning with (another) case file on Marilyn Monroe, it makes some bold claims behind well-known headlines.

By sourcing new documents, using the latest technology or airing previously unheard eye-witness accounts the program reveals the shocking new evidence that implicates Robert Kennedy in Marilyn Monroe’s murder; the incredible omission in the official report into the Twin Towers’ collapse; the dogged research that finally revealed the identity of Jack the Ripper; the untold story behind the sightings in Loch Ness; the complex truth about Big Foot and the strange atmospheric conditions that explain the litany of disasters inside the Nevada Triangle.

Episode One: The Death of Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Monroe committed suicide on August the 5th, 1962 – so says the official report into her death. Right from the beginning, her death has become one of the most debated events of all time: The FBI, the Mafia, the Kennedys – all have at various times been accused – but none of the accusations ever came to much.

Missing Evidence reveals the shocking content of the lost tapes recorded inside Marilyn Monroe’s house on the day she died. The tapes confirm the long dismissed evidence that suggests that Monroe was murdered by her psychiatrist under pressure from the Attorney General, Robert Kennedy.

Crucial tapes, recorded at Marilyn’s house on the day she died, revealed the painful details of Monroe’s final hours. Ray Strait claims to have listened to those tapes. The events he heard tally with eye- witnesses long ignored by the authorities.

Wednesday, 4 March 8.30pm on SBS ONE.

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