CBS pulls The McCarthys, due to air on TEN.

2015-02-05_1356It’s the luck of the draw really…

New US comedy The McCarthys, due to air in Australia on TEN, is having a tough time of it in the States.

CBS has pulled the comedy, starring Tyler Ritter, Laurie Metcalf, Jack McGee and Joey McIntyre, after 11 episodes due to disappointing ratings. Four more are yet to be scheduled.

Deadline reports “the decision comes after CBS’ Thursday 10 PM drama Elementary saw its Live+same day adults 18-49 rating (1.3) plunge -13% last week with a new McCarthys as a lead-in vs. the previous week when a Big Bang repeat aired in the slot. That is despite a new Big Bang anchoring CBS’ lineup at 8 PM last Thursday vs. a rerun the week before.”

TEN has not announced any immediate plans for The McCarthys (it didn’t rate a mention during my Programmer’s Wrap with Beverley McGarvey) but TEN could still air 15 episodes on one of its two multichannels.

The McCarthys is a new comedy about a loud, sports-crazed Boston family whose somewhat athletically challenged son, Ronny (Tyler Ritter), is chosen by his father to be his assistant high school basketball coach, much to the surprise of his more qualified siblings.

Ronny wants nothing more than to move away, join the singles scene and find a partner. His distraught mother, Marjorie (Laurie Metcalf), is not upset that her favourite son is gay, but that he wants to leave Boston and his family.

Ronny’s plans change, however, when his politically incorrect and outspoken father, Arthur (Jack McGee), stuns everyone with his choice for an assistant. Touched by his father’s offer, Ronny embarks on a completely different future – and he can be sure that his loving, tight-knit family is going to have a very vocal opinion about it.


  1. So CBS also falls back on Big Bang Theory to fill holes, like Nine.
    @fairdinkum – TEN would probably acquire this as part of their CBS output deal. Not their fault it failed or that they may be stuck with a lemon. But there’s always the “secondary channels” to mop up the lemons.

  2. The Goodwin Games (from creators of How I met Your Mother) was a good show. FWBL was passable. The trailer for this looked awful. Good riddance to this and The Millers

  3. It was dead when CBS picked it up but only ordered 2 extra episodes because that was all they needed. It didn’t even make it to 13 eps.

    If Ten has it under their CBS output deal they will most likely show it on Eleven, like The Goodwin Games, Friends With Better Lives etc.

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