Eddie Redmayne fan of Dr. Karl & Susan

2015-02-24_0031He won the Best Actor award at the Oscars yesterday but Brit Eddie Redmayne owes it all, or at least some of it, to Neighbours.

Redmayne grew up watching Neighbours and is a huge fan of Dr. Karl (Alan Fletcher) and Susan Kennedy (Jackie Woodburne).

“I think they’re amazing,” he has previously told Elle magazine.

“I’m a huge fan of them from old. I’ve learnt a lot from them from watching them daily.

“They are the greatest unsung acting duo in history”.

And it seems the admiration is mutual.

“It’s always wonderful when someone compliments your work, but to have such lovely things said from such an incredibly talented actor is very humbling and means more to me than he will ever know,” Jackie Woodburne told News Corp.

Alan Fletcher added, “To receive such generous praise from an actor of Eddie Redmayne’s startling ability and status has been thrilling for both of us.

“It never ceases to excite me to hear examples of the influence Neighbours has had beyond Australia. And congratulations Eddie for the recognition of your wonderful performance in The Theory of Everything.”

Group hug time.



  1. People may scoff at soapie actors sometimes but imho anyone who can put in the hard yards of acting in that many hours of tv per week deserves praise & its nice that Eddie is not ashamed to say he’s a fan.

  2. They have been a great mainstay of the show, loved it when they did the Introducing Saskia Hampele video in 2012, one of the funniest things I’d seen in years (search for it on YouTube).

    • News regarding Eddie Redmayne’s comments has been reported widely in the media today. But yes there is some extra news emerging from the show for its 30th anniversary year. As the longest running drama in our history I have no problem acknowledging these achievements at a time of celebration. Other dramas are lucky to make it to 10 years. One of these stories has been a feature.

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