Foxtel adds Russia Today channel

2015-02-16_0122Tomorrow Foxtel will launch news channel, Russia Today.

The English-language international news and current affairs channel presents 24/7 news, bulletins, documentaries, talk shows and debates on a broad range of issues, as well as sports news and cultural programs on Russia, all designed for a global audience.

Key programs include Larry King Now, In the Now, Discovering Russia, Politicking, On The Money, The Big Picture and Sputnik.

“Foxtel is delighted to now include RT to our comprehensive slate of international news channels which will provide our subscribers with an even broader perspective on major global events,” said Foxtel’s Executive Director of Television, Brian Walsh.

“The channel is an important voice in bringing another perspective to world affairs, with an impressive roster of compelling programmes from award winning journalists.”

The channel is currently broadcast in more than 100 countries to approximately 700 million people, with operators including BSkyB (UK), Sky Italia (IT) and Comcast (US).

Russia Today will be available in Foxtel’s Entertainment pack on Channel 658.


  1. I would at very least would like The Comedy Channel HD or at least Sky News HD I remember the explanation last year of how much content added as HD seems like adding news channels in Standard Definition yet September 4th, 2014 in a TV Tonight article

    Ross Crowley, Director of Programming & Channels, told TV Tonight, a decision on which channels would move to HD required at least 50% of content in primetime to be available in native HD.

    “We are just working through what material is available in HD so we can see which ones we can convert next,” he said recently.
    “It relies on the underlying material to be at least a certain percentage of native HD. There will always be a little bit of ‘up-res.’” Confusing.

    Oh and still no Iq3 Confusing to say the least of how they plan.

  2. I have to agree with a couple of comments above.
    More channels on the same limited bandwidth .. the quality of HD sports shows since Jan 14 has basically halved.
    Why more ‘news’ while we are still waiting on an actual release date for IQ3. Already half way through February and no word.

    Anyone know what the level of subscription is for Foxtel – as in number of real customers?

  3. this channel has been know for its propaganda and wild offensive conspiracy theories, russia provides this channel to international cable companies so they can spread their propaganda around the world , foxtel should take no part in this.

    • If the above picture is anything to go by, it won’t be real news. It will be what ever the channel deems to be news. Another channel I will be skipping.

      Agree with the other posters, we need more General Entertainment channels or additional Movie, Kids or Sports channels.

    • People said the same stuff about Al Jazeera and it’s the best news channel on Foxtel.

      Fox News is a right wing american propaganda network. They also promote wild and offensive conspiracy theories.

      I have seen some out there clips from RT on the web, however I have seen lots of excellent clips that were reporting things more accurately than our western media. Especially about events in parts of the world where our media has to follow the agenda and line of the US Government.

      It’s good to get the different lenses from different parts of the world. Even if you disagree with it.

  4. Instead of adding news channels, it would be nice if Foxtel added some new entertainment channels!

    Seems now France 24 is about the only major international news channel not available through Foxtel.

  5. Instead of safe “news” channels – how about some actual foreign channels with proper foreign content? NHK and CCTV are rubbish – crappy news channels all presented in English – whoopee doo. Entertainment please

  6. instead of launching more channels that only a handful of people will watch but everyone has to pay for, why don’t they spend the time and money on releasing the continually delayed IQ3.

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