Foxtel subscribers up 4.7%

Slashing prices and diversifying subscription models pays off for STV provider.

remfoxtFoxtel’s discount war has seen its subscriber base lift by 4.7 per cent.

In the last six months of 2014, it lifted its subscribers to 2.6m an increase of 118,000 on the prior corresponding period.

The boost follows the Pay TV provider slashing prices to $25 a month and launching online subscription models and a BoxSets channel.

Financial results in Telstra’s half-year result indicated revenue grew 1.2 per cent to $1.5 billion. Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortisation was up slightly at 0.4 per cent to $470m.

But revenues from T-box services were down by 17.6 per cent to $42m, with the company attributing the shift to more focus and subscriber growth in its premium bundle offering which includes more Foxtel channels.

Churn rate was 11.4 per cent, down by 1%.

Source: The Australian, Mumbrella

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  1. Dalmanic – you should be commended. It’s the first time I have heard someone say they were going to do everything legally instead of “other means”.. I don’t think anyone would care if you dropped your foxtel packages and subscribed to other services, at least the people who make the programs we love will still be paid..

  2. I am so slack I haven’t got round to downgrading my Foxtel subscription yet.
    As a Platinum subscriber they gave us only 2 free movies a month, until the end of the year. Discount War? Huh.
    No reduction in the rates at all.
    Most of their movies are for kids or teenagers so that’s no reward for me.
    I’m going to drop kids and sport, that’ll save heaps!
    Then I’ll get Stan (FredNerk) and Netflix with the amount saved!

  3. Tbox sales are down because there can not be sold to the public offering Foxtel , as it will not be support in it present offering , i have a Tbox and went to buy another for a christmas present , and was given this info from the store manager, i have called Tbox support and they said the same thing, fotel are bring out ther own version of T box , in the future, with internet Foxtel not cable, the present custmer will have there Tbox supported til then, i remember David putting this in a post last year, any way thats why sales are down, usual Foxtel spin!!!

  4. Interesting that Foxtel have ditched up the rights to all practice, qualifying and race sessions of Formula 1 for this year.

    TEN have been putting ads out about their Motorsport coverage for this year. Wonder when they’re planning to admit on their ads that they’re showing only half the races? TEN’s dishonesty is only exceeded by their commitment to shafting audiences.

    More people signing upto Foxtel to watch F1? Or will they forgo the $50 minimum per month in favour of other means?

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