Freddie Flintoff & Dr. Chris: Get a room!


It has to be said: ‘Freddie’ Flintoff and Dr. Chris Brown need to get a room, pronto.

Over the past few nights, ‘Freddie’ has practically been flirting with the dashing Bondi Vet on I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!

Perhaps he feels threatened by his physique, jawbone and perfect hair? After all he keeps referring to them!

Last night he told the good Doctor, “You’re just like me but better.

“It’s the talk of the camp. (They say) ‘If you looked after yourself a bit better you’d look more like Chris. Chris has got abs, Chris has got nice arms. Chris’ hair is immaculate. Better moves. But what about you, Fred? You could have been that.’

“I’ve got feelings, you know. Just because I come from the north of England, doesn’t mean I don’t have feelings.’

Priceless stuff. Ok, maybe the jungle fever is getting to him.

When the challenge involving a frog shampoo, catfish pedicure and elephant dung facial was over, he couldn’t resist getting physical, bear-hugging vet with abs.

Forget about the rats and the spiders. I think it’s time they took it to the next level, a challenge many of us would like to see…


  1. Its all a bit tongue in cheek.. well except for Baz and his private space ..
    I love the Dr Chris and Julia show. I’m in stitches every night watching those two. I rewind Julia’s facial expressions and hair swoosh for a second giggle.

    Julia has great timing and Chris is a great 2nd banana.. Love it!!

  2. I think you’re reading too much into it David, I think Freddie is just finding ways to have fun and Dr Chris is his latest target. Both Freddie and Dr Chris have impressed me and have helped make this show interesting to watch. Dr Chris and Julia have had some priceless moments too, my favourite being the kissing of the Emu bum the other night. Their timing is quite good and I have to say I’m finding Dr Chris far funnier than Joel, who has been a big disappointment for me on the comedy front.

  3. Freddie’s just stirring . I think the joke is wearing a bit thin now though. You can see Dr Chris is not happy. He deserved a threat from Barry as Freddie doesn’t know when to stop

  4. The funny thing is the schtick with Julia all over Chris (which btw if it was a male doing that to a female there would be so many complaints) with Chris hating it yet he is the one loving and encouraging the attention off Freddie, nearly in a Julia to him way.

  5. Yes, David, definitely a challenge we would love to see… maybe they could be locked in a small hot room together in only their underwear????? 🙂 I am sure Julia will fight for this idea to happen! 🙂

    • Ha Ha!
      Yeah, Julia would be positively salivating.
      Now we just need Amanda Keller to leer at and hang off Chris, along with Julia.
      She does it so well on The LIving Room. : )

    • Me too.
      Bazza certainly put him in his place.
      He was deadly serious about getting the girls to leave and getting physical if Freddy kept it up – quite scary really.
      The way he was eyeballing Freddy afterwards was extremely threatening…seems Bazza isn’t the pussycat I thought he was.
      Now all we need is to send in Warwick Capper to really push his buttons .:)

  6. bettestreep2008

    Freddie was just stirring the pot as usual. Anyone who is thinking there was something deeper going on are kidding themselves.

    It was fun to watch – and probably fuelled those rumours about Dr Chris.

    Still enjoying the show – despite millions of viewers preferring a lame cooking show.

    • I do not for one moment get why people are watching yet another predictable and lame version of the same old, same old cooking show. I firmly believe that this is a great proof that the “ratings” are completely inaccurate! 🙁

  7. So glad you pointed out they needed a room – I needed a cold shower after that delicious mess lol Freddie is genuinely enamoured by him Chris is just, well, hot. In addition to Maureen’s winking, Joel’s face, and Chrissie’s laugh I’m lovin’ this show!

  8. jezza the first original one

    Yeah I wondered what the hell was going on……very very funny tv. Freddie’s character and personality has a few more dimensions to it than many of the others in the camp, something perhaps aussie vierwers are not used to

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