Hiding wins timeslot for ABC

2015-02-06_0945ABC’s latest drama Hiding won its timeslot last night debuting with 730,000 viewers.

The drama starring James Stewart, Kate Jenkinson and Stephen Curry pipped I’m a Celebrity Get Me out of Here! (698,000 for its 90 minutes), Inside Story (602,000) and Seven’s Fatal Honeymoon movie (523,000). It also trended on Twitter last night, albeit with some division over its merits.

Without My Kitchen Rules both Nine and TEN reality offerings lifted slightly, however Nine simulcast The Block on two channels.. But there was a big slice of the Seven audience that did not indulge in either show, although TEN’s show continues to trend on social media.

ABC’s 7:30 enjoyed 765,000 with a Peter Greste interview.

Full ratings wraps resume next week.


  1. Agree with Billy C & The Hoff. Why is Twitter even in this discussion? But the fact that you’d even have time to tweet during an epsiode tends to say something about the show, doesn’t it? I betcha a show like Broadchurch doesn’t have many tweets about it going on through the show. Ok, bad comparison, but you get my drift.

  2. Guys the twitter v ratings confusion is no conundrum.
    Twitter traffic does not reflect viewership because there are only about 2 thousand active twitter users in Australia (yes thats right!) and millions more people simply watch tv.
    Twitter is also largely celebrity and celebrity fan traffic – its a no brainer why these kind of people are commenting on a celebrity show

  3. @herald

    Yeah, I noticed that too, the parents and kids looked like they were (roughly) the same age.

    Costume and makeup should have done more to give the parents a mature appearance.

  4. I thought Hiding was very patchy and yes, agree with some that it was dull. I read somewhere it was being compared to Breaking Bad – which is blasphemy! The pilot of BB is still etched in my brain – so crisp and memorable. Hiding could learn from it about how to tell a relatable, clear story and be groundbreaking.

    All up, to quote Paul Keating, Hiding was all tip, no iceberg.

    • Yes I nearly choked on my Corn Flakes at the comparison with BB. On social media it seems to have divided viewers, which is something I noted. Happy for those who found positives but naturally I stand by my review and have seen 2 eps.

  5. Watching I’m a Celeb but really struggled last night to get through the 90 minute episode last night which just seemed too long for no real reason (even though playing back an hour later to fast forward through ads).

    Of course it is going to trend on twitter – the hashtags are thrown at you all through the show for voting. What is more significant as far as twitter goes is when a show trends without asking you to use twitter…

  6. Secret Squirrel

    I’ve already said on its review article that I lasted just over half an hour with Hiding. It stretched credulity on too many fronts and was overly melodramatic. It’s worst crime was that it was dull.

    I won’t be back. Reckon it will be beaten by I’m Not a Celeb next week.

  7. @ tricks, you’re right, it is like the early BB days. I loved BB then but stopped many moons ago during a particularly badly cast series on 10 and wouldn’t bother again. Celebrity is too long but I really like a lot of the characters/celebrities.

  8. @jonno I think a disproportionate number of twitter users watch IAC.

    Also I think people who tweet while watching tv are a reasonably small group and dare I say it a particular type of person. I’d suggest most people looks at their phones from time to time but just shut up and enjoy the show.

  9. I’m loving I’m A Celeb. A few more challenges and a tighter run time would be helpful, but it’s great family entertainment. Can’t wait to see who the celeb intruders are next Monday night.

    MKR and The Block are good formats too, but they feel very stale this year.

  10. @matthewh87

    I’m getting pretty over reading your daily comments on how much you dislike IAC. I think we’ve all got it by now.. you’re an MKR fan.

    I for one am really enjoying IAC.

    I’ve only ever sampled a few eps of MKR and it wasn’t for me. I watched the block religiously for 3 years but I got completely turned off mid last year and haven’t bothered this year.

    IAC has been a nice surprise, I wasn’t expecting it to be something I was in to but it’s reminding me of the good old days of BB.

  11. Watched Hiding and thought it was ok, but nothing special. I preferred the opening episode of The Code… & Winter for that matter.

    The script better make something of the job position the dad got, because that seems a stupendously unrealistic situation.

  12. matthewh87 – quite a few people I know are watching it. Myself included. I’m surprised the ratings aren’t higher, because it’s getting a fair amount of “water cooler” chat – much more than The Block. MKR is always a talking point, but most people who I know who would usually be discussing the Block are pretty silent on it at the moment.

  13. @matthewh97
    The show encourages tweeting e.g voting celebs for the Tucker Trials, or now voting to save them from elimination on Sunday. If you’re questioning nearly 700k viewers then might as well question the whole ratings system.

    #QandA also trends on Mondays with ~650k viewers

    I’m enjoying the show, it’s a bit of fun and something different from the same old Block and MKR

  14. Why oh why . Does I’m a celeb trend on social media ? The only logical explanation for this is that all those People talking about it are 10 employees – because No one else seems to be watching it …

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