Judith Lucy is all Woman: Feb 18

It's beer o'clock this week, as Judith heads to a classic Australian bachelors and spinsters ball.

2015-02-17_1131It’s beer o’clock on Judith Lucy is all Woman this week, as Judith heads to a classic Australian bachelors and spinsters ball, where she discovers that the drinking hasn’t changed but the rules of attraction have.

And there is another battle of the sexes with wiseguy Mick Molloy.

And what about single women of a certain age? Tarted up like a high-class hooker, Judith heads out on the town with a former ‘Miss Cougar’ titleholder to find out exactly what it is that young studs are looking for in older ladies.

In an attempt to work out why so many young women are living the bride fantasy that Judith and so many of her friends rejected, she engages one of Australia’s crack wedding planners, and in an attempt to work out so many women’s other fantasies, she plunges head first into the world of erotica, sex toys, and porn made for women and by women. But will an audition land her a starring role?

9pm Wednesday on ABC.

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