Luke Mitchell joins Agents of SHIELD

Former Home and Away star to play a charismatic "Inhuman" in Marvel superhero series.

2015-02-07_0103Former Home and Away star Luke Mitchell has been cast in Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD.

Mitchell, who also appeared in The Tomorrow People, H20: Just Add Water and Neighbours, has a recurring “Inhumans”-related role.

Variety reports he will play Lincoln, a charismatic Inhuman who has an important role in helping Skye (Chloe Bennet) understand the true extent of her transformation.

The Inhumans, as they are known in the Marvel-verse, are a race of beings that have been genetically enhanced by the Kree, the same alien species from “Guardians of the Galaxy.”

An “Inhumans” feature film is also in development for 2018.

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD screens in Australia on Seven.

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  1. Got absolutely no idea who Luke Mitchell is, but am a huge fan of Agents of SHIELD, but erm ahem where is that series, there’s all these Aussie so called ‘dramas’ which could roughly be described as soapies with a tinge of ‘drama’ but no alternatives for those who don’t watch drampies.

    Channel 11 ‘bless them” has Supernatural, Sleepy Hollow and next week Elementary on Ten. Why cant Aussie networks make stuff like that?

    Passing on Gallipoli, Winter, House of Hancock and Wonderland and not forgetting the suite of pathetically awful Reality Programming.

    What’s left? Nothin’, it’s a barren landscape this chaotic dysfunctional Aussie tv industry for some folk

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