Marcia, Marcia, Marcia, I’m a Celebrity.

iac1Where else but on I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! would you see Marcia Brady snuggling up to Merv Hughes?

An odder pairing on television we are unlikely to see this year.

Welcome to the jungle. TEN finally revealed its inaugural celebrities last night:
Brady Bunch star Maureen McCormick,
Test cricketer Merv Hughes,
Olympian Leisel Jones,
AFL champ Barry Hall,
Comedian Joel Creasey,
Gold Logie nominee Chrissie Swan,
Ex Hi-5 performer Lauren Brant,
Media personality Andrew Daddo,
Former Miss Australia and TV presenter Laura Dundovic,
Model-blogger Tyson Mayr.

It was a mix of owls and pussycats amongst bigger cats off-screen, vanity, the grotesque and car-crash telly.

Many of the celeb tips were on the money -I’m not sure anybody predicted a Daddo but TEN gave us a bum steer us by referring to him as “television royalty.” Please explain?

The Live episode comprised largely of Live links by charismatic hosts Julia Morris and Chris Brown introducing packages. I thought the chopper arrival of the stars was suitably grand, but it whipped through the reveal far too quickly. Watching some of the reactions, was worth more storytelling airtime -first impressions tell us so much. Chrissie Swan’s OMG reaction to Maureen McCormick was priceless.

The show’s format has always included C-List stars and the cast has more than its share. Tyson who…?

More stars will guest star across the season.

Given there was much set-up I won’t begrudge the limited scenes of character interaction at base camp. We will need to see more group dynamic at play, Big Brother style, which I’m sure is coming.

Watching Maureen McCormick having her meltdown in rain-soaked conditions delivered on the first night.

Chrissie Swan was also a champion to endure 10,000 ants, 4,000 earthworms, 3,500 cockroaches, 7000 maggots and 4000 mealworms all for a few bags of rice. It was squeamish stuff. Looking forward to them facing off against big wild animals. Joel is up next for creepy, crawly time but that Live announcement by Morris and Brown lacked drama. Next time just send in the that African crew member who accidentally wandered on set with the result, please.

The viewer voting for the next challenge was also just 40 minutes long (apologies to those outside AEDT?) but is much longer for the next vote. I can’t remember what it’s actually for.

As a first episode it was a little rough technically (those 3 people laughing at the host gags sound like they need some mates), and I admit to wanting more star power. But this is a change from the usual TV fare, and we rarely get Reality with a comedic touch. If some real relationships emerge between the cast Celebrity will be worth more attention. Please keep episodes short and sharp to leave us wanting more.


  1. Well, I survived the first episode … but it did go on for too long. The weekday episodes should be no more than an hour … it gets boring!
    I love the hosts, great dynamic, good that they are having fun instead of being over serious like in other “reality” shows. Agree that the laughs were too much, maybe just now and then if someone trips over something etc but not at every scripted joke!!!
    Marcia! Marcia! Marcia! … at least 1 real celebrity 🙂
    Chrissie is fabulous, Joel is the bravest gay boy on TV … 🙂 and Tyson is hot but dull. The others I am not interested in.
    I drifted away after Joel did his challenge last night … probably won’t bother watching tonight.
    The “rough” style is good … loved how the sound man wandered into the shot … hilarious!!!! Need more of that stuff!!!!
    Overall … it is just the same old, same old artificial “reality” that is…

  2. I am not sure if my memory is correct about s1 Masterchef’s debut & weeknight ratings. Can anyone refresh me noggin please? I know it was killing it in all of the, and towards the middle & finale in consistently pulled +2mil. Has any reality show bested them or does ten still have bragging rites?
    My mind even travels as far back as when DWTS pulled +2m when it was hosted by Daryl & Ozzie. I’m a Celeb has the new kid on Australian TV novelty effect and I hope it really takes off, along with Gogglebox & SharkTank. The ten network get an A+ for Improvement – No Laura Bingley, No Priscilla, No 5pm till 7.30pm ten news block, No Bold @Crazy times. 8.30am! 6pm!! They have smartened up their act heaps, if only they had the brains to refresh the tired old girl and her ugly sisters with that mock up that kid created, sorry I can’t remember his name, nor can I be…

  3. Oops forgot to add, if you haven’t already done so, check out the live stream that airs for an hour following the show. It has a real Big Brother feel about it with contestants sitting around camp chatting. The only drawback is Sam Mac talking an awful lot.

  4. Bravo Ten. Unlike 7 and 9, 10 took a risk, invested big bucks and gave viewers something new and fresh. Rating 1.1mill up against the One Day final and Aus Open final is impressive.

    Maureen is fantastic to watch. I can’t see her lasting long though. She seemed to be having a nervous breakdown before our eyes. Chrissie Swan is an absolute gem when it comes to reality tv. Genuine and hilarious. I have no idea who Tyson is but he’s good eye candy and so sweet towards Chrissie and Maureen. So far everyone’s a little too nice. Time to throw a few curve balls and cause some chaos.

  5. Enjoyed the first episode and like others have said, it’s quite a refreshing change to all the other reality shows going around. Maureen was a good get (although I suspect her pay cheque will be larger than the actual prize money going to charity).
    I thought Julia and Chris did well and will only get better as the show goes on.
    Not must see TV but I will switch it on before Nine and Sevens offerings anyday.
    And you gotta love Chrissie. She’s got this in the bag.

  6. I did a roll call of the family.
    Marcia is not the only one to appear in “I’m a celebrity get me out of here”.
    Bobby Brady is set to appear.
    The producers are even looking the possibility of a Bobby Brady impersonator.
    What do you think David?

  7. @HeyJude – Seven airs The X Factor on an hour delay into Queensland for live episodes. So I reckon you wouldn’t watch that at all? I would be surprised if you watch it as Seven also states live in their promos for The X Factor

  8. We got as far as Chrissie having all those insects dumped on her, which we found so puerile. That was enough for us – we must be getting old.

    The hosts were fine, although Chris is probably surplus to requirements, he gives Julia someone to bounce off. Chrissie’s always terrific, but I was quite astonished at her reaction to Maureen – hello, she was sort of famous 40 years ago when she was a child. How would anyone recognise her now?

    I doubt we’ll bother to watch again, maybe the occasional dabble to see if it gets any better.

  9. I think first Episode went ok. There was a lot of ground to cover setting camp, getting to know the participants as well as first food challenge.

    I’ll keep watching. And I did like the hosts chemistry.

  10. I did actually watch about 20 minutes of this!
    Just to see who was on!
    It rated well.
    I loved Maureen!

    Did people really expect A List Celebs?
    I didn’t!

  11. Looks like my comment on this went Awol, so in a nutshell. I Agree, the hosts are great, entertaining show so far but wish they would make the episodes more compact and not drag them out to 90 minutes.

  12. I watched the rest of the episode, it is pretty good, although I can see myself finding it boring after a few episodes. Reminds me of The Big Adventure on Seven. The challenge with Chrissie Swan was entertaining. I also like Joel Creasey and his humor. Hope Maureen gets the boot, her meltdowns will get annoying fast

  13. I really enjoyed it and had a good laugh. Joel is very funny! Only thing annoyed me celebrity wise was Merv Hughes sleeping all the time. I would throw something at him if I had to listen to that snoring!! I won’t watch it though in protest of it not being Live in Queensland when they kept stating that it was Live and telling people to vote when it was obviously closed and they didn’t bother to let viewer know.

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