1. harrypotter1994

    TV’s biggest thrill ride is flopping! I’m still watching but so far it seems overhyped. Its case of the week with Annalise trying to rival Olivia from Sccandal in the mental stakes.

    Only real point of difference at the moment is the going back and forth in time

  2. Loving this tripe posted by the Daily Telegraph, claiming MKR as a failing show despite it’s “shocking” 1.5 million viewers! You have to love the Australian press!

    • The numbers are outstanding, but I think there is also some merit in discussing whether the format has been overcooked by a third week, so I see where they are coming from. A reminder no links in Comments please?

  3. I get the drop in htgawm. Haven’t watched last nights ep yet but I’m not sure it lives up the hype. 9pm is too late to be airing drama and with all the hype this show had it really should’ve been fast tracked. Greys is a double episode next week. I’m ok with a double ep because I want to watch it as we are so very far behind but I still make the point why burn off a show in double eps when you can fast track. Now next week there are double eps of parenthood, greys and possibly state of affairs (not sure yet due to 7 day epg and based on the fact this week is a double ep).

    • I noticed Greys is a double next week….and like you I agree…why burn off shows. There are loyal viewers (although lower than there used to be) and why burn it off…show it for 22 weeks…I’m not that 7 has thought ahead to what will replace it with…some stupid American documentary or two about plastic surgery!

      • I hate it when they do double eps, I would think Scandal fans would be annoyed!
        I know the 7 publicity over hype shows and I think that contributes to fatigue. I skip the adverts over summer on a show i really want to watch otherwise I know I will be sick of it. I quite like it ad have enjoyed the twists and turns. It is nearly finished in the US at only 15 episodes long.

  4. I’m in shock by the HTGAWM numbers!!! Given it is the #1 show in the US (as 7 advertised over the summer) I can’t believe how quickly it has plummeted here….I’m yet to watch last night’s so am not sure what other viewers are thinking about the drop in three weeks…

    • It may increase in Time shifting. But those numbers are quite low.
      remeber 7 only care about Reality and the benefit to advertisers! Gone are the hey days of dramas being a must in their eyes!

    • How To… airs at 10pm in the US behind Grey’s and Scandal which are still huge hits there, forming a chick night that stands out in a sea of timeshifting and online streaming.

      The US is a different country.

  5. Still good numbers, but introducing yet another round of home cooking has cost them about 200,000 instead of sustaining the numbers as is obviously the intention. And when do we get a female judge?

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