MKR on top but Nine wins first night of ratings

60minsiegIn a sign of things to come, there was just 0.4% splitting the network share, but Nine has taken line honours on the first night of the 2015 ratings year. But Seven’s My Kitchen Rules was the top show of the night.

Nine won the night with a 33.3% share ahead of Seven 32.9%, TEN 14.5%, ABC 14.4% and SBS 4.9% -they are battles that demonstrate no real change in our TV viewing habits yet.

The two “siege specials” appeared to divide the audience, meaning other drawcard shows floated higher to the top, but 60 Minutes edged in front of Seven’s special.

House of Hancock (1.38m) was Nine’s biggest show for the night, followed by 60 Minutes (1.28m), Nine News (1.01m), Nine News First at Five (361,000) and The Great Mint Swindle (278,000).

My Kitchen Rules scored big with viewers at 1.69m for Seven. Next were Inside the Siege (1.13m), Seven News (1.03m) and Movie: The Proposal (618,000).

Leisel Jones was evicted to the sound of 744,000 viewers on TEN, but the bulk of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! coded by TEN was 616,000. Shark Tank also launched to 616,000 viewers followed by TEN Eyewitness News (441,000). NCIS: New Orleans was 314,000 / 218,000.

ABC News (759,000) starts the year as the best for ABC followed by David Attenborough’s Conquest of the Skies (619,000), Sherlock (583,000). Jillaroo School was 253,000 and Who’s Been Sleeping in My House? was 162,000.

On SBS ONE it was Angkor Wat’s Hidden Megacity (259,000), SBS World News (248,000), Miracle Landing on the Hudson (162,000) and Nazi Megastructures (135,000).

Best on multichannels was ABC2’s Peter Rabbit at 203,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 8 February 2015


  1. I had no intention of watching Shark Tank but boy am I glad I didn’t flick the channel after I’m A Celeb. Great television. The Sharks are excellent and some of the innovations awesome. Shark Tank was trending on Twitter which is encouraging. Hopefully it will pick up more viewers during encores and catch up TV.

    • I found the start time quite confusing because the epg said 6.30pm but the promos were all 6 pm. They needed to be clearer that they were going to offer some news before moving into the coverage. I thought that they were promoting 6pm start time to get eyeballs on their regular news before starting at 6.30pm. Networks need to do better with their EPGs especially 7. Just not good enough having days of tba’s.

  2. I started watching 7s siege special but flicked over to 9s 60 mins cause it was better. They had one presenter throughout the whole show and Liz Hayes did a good job. 7s coverage lacked consistency through the use of different presenters. 60 minutes was probably 45 minutes too long and I’m not sure I like the reenactment all the much.

    I enjoyed Shark Tank last night. I prefer it to I’m a celeb and will definitely be a return viewer next week. Who knows whats on 7 next sunday cause the epg reads tba’s.

  3. The Inspector

    Avoided the seige totally. So tired of the TV coverage, especially as we had saturation coverage at the time it took place. Watched ABC24 to get the latest on Abbott, then watched House of Hancock. Thoroughly enjoyed it, a relaxing show for Sunday night.

  4. I watched Seven’s siege story last night and thought it was exceptional. Flicked over to Nine during the breaks but straight back to 7. The production values were very high. Both networks should repeat them over the weekend so viewers can see both.

  5. We chose the Ch7 coverage of the siege because of MKR. It seems Ch9’s coverage was superior but I wasn’t fussed. MKR was okay but turned over the Shark Tank during the ads – have to agree with several posts here that it was quite compelling. Hope they repeat it so I can getter a better gist of what was happening.

  6. Liz Hayes did a superb job with interviewing people from the siege.
    I had tears when they had the re union. so moving deserve bravery awards.
    Watched mkr after the ads showed a disaster . This is how 7 get you in.

    • Seven had the advantage of actual footage from their newsroom, but 60 Minutes storytelling was infinitely superior and (who would ever have believed it?)) more responsible. They chose a better selection of hostages to tell the story, then more or less let their accounts speak for themselves. Liz Hayes didn’t intrude too much; the Seven reporters felt the need to “underline” emotional moments, put words in hostages mouths and generally sensationalise and attempt to stimulate controversy. It was a good example of the power strong, straight reporting versus tabloid journalism.

      • Agree totally with OzJay, 60 Minutes handled this sensitive story better than Seven. At times the Seven journalists seemed to really push a point with the interviewees, almost as if they were being grilled like a suspect. And for all the hoopla about the Seven studios being directly opposite the cafe, I didn’t really see anything earth shatteringly new in terms of footage.
        Interesting to note some small discrepancies in some of the stories. On Seven, when John O’Brien related his bold escape, he told of quietly slipping behind an advertising board, pushing the green button and running. On 60 minutes, the reenactment had John getting up swiftly, causing a table to fall over, and run for the green button.

  7. Seven should be disapointed it couldn’t manage more for it’s Siege special in Sydney and Melbourne. I think they would have wanted it to boost their 6pm bulletins, but obviously it won’t

  8. Seven won’t be too worried. They went with an just an extended MKR because they didn’t want to start Australia: The Story of US late against House of Hancock. That probably pushes DA till after Easter.

  9. 60 minutes in particular seemed to go through every little minor detail of what happened in the siege. It was dragged out and milked for all it was worth.

  10. My recorder got a real working over last night. 60mins version of the Sydney Siege was far superior. 7 really missed a chance to do it under Sunday Night with a leading journalist/story teller. Shark Tank was excellent! Still to watch House of Hancock and MKR. BTW new website looks amazing!!

  11. I really enjoyed shark tank. It’s a carbon copy of the overseas versions so if you liked it last night you will like those. They did gloss over some of the important details of the businesses and make offers based on very little info.

  12. OMG this siege happens right outside Seven’s window, with snipers inside the building and they still miss out on the numbers.
    Time for some changes there….

  13. TasTVcameraman

    I enjoyed Shark Tank, can not stand MKR, watched a bit of Hancock, a bit dull I thought.
    I wonder if TEN are going to simulcast all eviction shows on their three channels.

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