Neighbours’ hilarious tribute to 30 years of EastEnders

Must-see video as Ramsay Street pays tribute to Albert Square.

Check out this hilarious tribute from the good folk at Neighbours to the good folk at EastEnders, celebrating 30 years.

You gotta love it when Ramsay Street demonstrates its comedic side…

Will the poms now please reciprocate to our mob?

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  1. I never even knew EE was on the radar of the neighbours folks. As a big fan off both shows that was fun. I’m absutely enthralled with current EE eps on UKTV and neighbours is getting exciting with all the returnees. Happy 30th to both!

  2. Saw this last night and got a laugh out of it, always love the comedic moments with Jackie in the lead. I also liked Lauren’s line referring to her as Paige’s mother, “we actually spent quite a bit of time last year clearing that one up”.

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