New hosts for Couch Time

ctimeELEVEN has announced two new hosts for its afternoon interstitial, Couch Time.

Jess Skarratt and Billy Bentley will front a new set and a new format from today.

Jess Skarratt began as a presenter on Totally Wild before she moved to various radio and television roles including Queensland Weekender, The Great South East and Gold FM. Billy Bentley finished fourth in the 2007 season of Big Brother before a career in radio with WSFM Sydney and Sea FM Rockhampton and Cairns.

The pair first worked together last year when they co-presented Suns TV.

Couch Time dissects and discusses the best television moments of the day, goes behind the scenes on some of Australia’s favourite television shows and delivers viewers the latest news across movies, pop culture and gossip.


  1. agreed tomothyd, they are pointless! they could be spending the money they are paying them to get some newer shows instead ot the same repeats of the same shows that have been on for 3 years!

  2. Oh I vaguely remember Billy being on Big Brother. Will they have lots of in jokes with the camera crew that none of us at home understand as Labby & Stav did? It seems pointless and agree with JennyW that its good having Neighbours start right after FF.

  3. Ten/Eleven should get rid of the 6:30 Couch Time! It’s been great having Neighbours start on time these past couple of weeks. Anyone else get the feeling that Ten wants Neighbours to start late so viewers can tune in to The Project which starts on time?

  4. I don’t see the need for Couch Time, it is annoying and causes programming to commence late, and be edited in order to fit in this show. At least the former hosts have gone, hopefully it is an improvement if we have to retain it. With all the cost cutting at TEN, I would have expected it to be the first on the chopping block.

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