“Not while we are on” -MKR vs Shark Tank twitter stoush

Twitter followers of My Kitchen Rules and Shark Tank watched with some surprise last night as social media accounts for rival shows decided to slug it out online.

In a robust exchange, the Seven and TEN shows were having digs at one another in 140 characters or less, including with some very cheeky GIFs.

Onlookers were replying with amusement at the public stoush, which is rare in an open forum.

Here’s a bit of what went on….




  1. Hmmm, if that’s what the Twits are getting paid to do …really this is primary schoolyard stuff. As for ” Turn on now because episode 2 is about to start” — I’m pretty sure the writer of this would not have even seen the show and could not even promote one reason why I should turn on Shark Tank now. How about promoting an invention or a pitch I can’t miss ? Too hard ? I’m sure a decent writer could, not some giggly publicity person.

  2. I suppose I’m being too sensitive, but my nephew was in the water with the Japanese guy who was torn apart by a Great White just last Monday.
    Those shark pictures give me the creeps……

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