Oops. House of Cards leaked -by Netflix.

2015-02-12_1036House of Cards‘ entire third season was leaked on Wednesday -not online by hackers or pirates- by on Netflix’s own streaming platform, by the company itself.

There’s a first.

Netflix realised its error minutes later and pulled the series.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, while the Season 3 episodes were live, it appeared that all the episodes were available for viewing. Visitors who were able to load the episodes could watch them in full, even after Netflix pulled them. Season 3 was removed roughly 20 minutes after the leak.

It’s about here Frank Underwood needs to turn the camera and deliver a droll line about imbeciles and hired help.


  1. Am I the only cynical one who thinks that stuff like this is never a “mistake”? lol
    I mean, everyone is now talking about it and it’s trending.

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