Oops. Shadow Treasurer fumbles question on SKY News


SKY News’ Richo & Jones have scored national headlines today after Shadow Treasurer was unable to answer a question by Alan Jones last night.


  1. As Chris Bowen tried to explain, the ‘tax-free-threshold’ kicks in at different amounts. There is no fixed figure like the GST. An aged pensioner receiving $25,000 p.a. ($950 p.f.) doesn’t pay tax. My daughter pays tax on anything over $18,???
    I gather they were discussing superannuation.
    If Alan Jones had shut up and listened to the answer (which was not the answer that suited him) he would have understood this.

  2. Hardly a sackable offence. I don’t expect a politician to know every tax related number there is, shadow treasurer or otherwise.

    Different story for the QLD Premier that didn’t know the GST rate though, everyone knows that!

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