PLUS7 adds kid’s channel

Catch-up site has added a new Children’s Channel and a Parental Lock feature.

2015-02-04_1049Yahoo!7 catch-up site PLUS7 has added a new Children’s Channel and a Parental Lock feature to allow parents to hide other shows not suitable for young viewers.

The new channel will see a range of new shows joining kids’ shows including Spiderman, Tashi and Pipsqueaks.

New shows include:
· Phantom Investigators
· Harold and the Purple Crayon
· Jackie Chan Adventures
· Transformers: Beast Machines
· The Mighty Jungle
· Spider-man
· Stuart Little: The Animated Series
· Extreme Ghostbusters

New episodes will be available each week for kids to enjoy both the website and app. To watch, simply visit https://au.tv.yahoo.com/plus7/kids/.

PLUS7 is available to watch on 10 different platforms, including desktop, iOS, Android, Playstation, Xbox, T-Box, Fetch TV and Samsung Smart TVs making it easier to enjoy your favourite shows your way. PLUS7 offers video streaming of full length episodes of shows from Seven, 7mate and other content partners, averaging seven million streams every month.

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  1. @Russell TVNZ is a fully fledged state owned commercial broadcaster with 95% of its funding derived from advertising and 5% from govt sources. TVNZ is just like the Australian commercial networks and has managed to become viewer focused in how to deliver content that viewers want access to through its very popular ondemand service, something the Aussie networks need to learn.

  2. @James S is right, In New Zealand TVNZ has finally listened to its viewers and is utilising its ondemand service (TVNZ Ondemand) to air the latest eps of Scandal, Greys, Revenge and whole raft of other content and uploaded within hours of their US airings. The Aussie networks need to take note and cater for both their reality & drama viewers.

  3. @James S and tvf: TVNZ does not solely rely on advertising like 7 and the Australian networks to fund itself. They get government funding.

    7, 9 and Ten however rely only on ad revenue -and online plays do not generate the same amount of advertising dollars as on air plays per person

    Even US networks premiere content on air first and then put it online for the very same reason.

  4. @james s

    I wasn’t aware they offered that in nz. I had a quick look at the site and they had the latest ep of greys on there. The commercial networks are so out of touch and out of date here.

  5. Hey Australia, If you want PLUS7 to air Fresh US Sitcoms and Dramas that Seven has the Rights Now just hours after their Original Airing, Contact Channel Seven in your State Capital City.

  6. I have the Plus7 on my Iphone and Kogan Anriod Dongle ( jeely bean ) attached to my Kogan tv via HDMI, It all work fine except for “Resurection TV series ” ,I can go online on my Kogan tv to the Plus7 online service to watch it .both work fine.

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