1. OMG! Rainbow overload by the sound of all that! 🙂
    As for the Cucumber/Banana/Tofu shows … Cucumber goes for an hour, Banana for half an hour, Tofu for about 15 minutes. Cucumber is very good but is more about gay mid-life-crisis for the main characters. Banana has it’s good and dull times. Tofu is just silly, and pointless, a “making-of” show would have been a much better way to spend the money and the 15 minutes. Sadly, it is all less impressive than RTD’s hit Queer As Folk. The idea of separating the storylines into the two main shows is more a gimmick than a winning idea as it would have been more effective if they just used all these characters in the one hour long show with more episodes. Unfortunately, the casting is less than perfect and that limits how invested the viewer gets in the shows. … in particular the lead role … all the gay guys I know around the…

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