Renewed: The Tunnel

2015-02-16_2348UK drama The Tunnel, which aired in Australia on ABC, is set to return for a second series next year.

The crime thriller began as an adaptation of acclaimed Scandinavian drama The Bridge, but will now feature an original story for its second season, called ‘Debris.’

Radio Times reports British detective Karl Roebuck (Stephen Dillane) will reunite with his French counterpart Elise Wasserman (Clémence Poésy) to investigate a mysterious plane crash in the English Channel.

Lead writer Ben Richards also returns to the eight-part series.


  1. Great news.
    I enjoyed the first season, though agree it was a little overwrought.
    The two leads were excellent though – look forward to seeing them again.

  2. The super human nature and abilities of the villain of the first series made it a parody of a good suspense/investigation thriller-was silly well before the overwrought end.

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