SBS folds Feast magazine

2015-02-17_1717SBS food magazine Feast, will cease publication with its April edition, after 4 years in circulation.

The decision to end was made jointly by Seven-owned Pacific Magazines and SBS.

Pacific Magazines CEO, Peter Zavecz announced: “The decision to close such a well-regarded magazine was very difficult. Unfortunately, despite the magazine’s loyal following, it had come to point where it was no longer commercially sustainable to publish.”

Leon Coningham, Head of Distribution at SBS said: “Feast magazine was integral in building on SBS’s reputation for quality food content that tells local, national and global stories, something that is at the heart of our unique Charter, and we remain committed to producing even more diverse and engaging food content for our audiences to enjoy.

“SBS would like to express thanks and gratitude to the talented team who has worked tirelessly to produce an award-winning quality publication over the past four years.”

The last issue, featuring sweet temptations, an easy Israeli dinner party, a journey through Sri Lanka, a meaty conversation with Vic’s Meats Anthony Puharich and Matthew Evans’ pasta dishes goes on sale Monday, March 2nd.


  1. Secret Squïrrel

    Good title. It’s the opposite of sensational but still works as clickbait.

    In other news:
    ABC adjusts spectacles
    Seven takes a sip of coffee
    Nine opens can of beer
    Ten finds a crayon down back of sofa

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