Sonia Kruger to co-host The Voice

Big Brother host takes on a new role, co-hosting The Voice this year.

Sonia BBBig Brother and Mornings presenter Sonia Kruger has joined The Voice as a co-host with Darren McMullen.

“I can’t wait to be front and centre co-hosting with my new buddy Darren. He’s an A Grade performer, but he’s now on my D list alongside Daryl, Daniel and David. All dashing, dynamic and damn fine dudes!” she told News Corp.

The change follows Nine confirming last year it would be revamping the show for 2015, at just four seasons in.

But it will likely increase speculation that Big Brother is unlikely to return this year.

Filming for Blind Auditions begins in Sydney this week. The show is tipped to return after Easter.

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  1. It was painful, watching two hosts struggle to make it work.. I too love Sonia Kruger, but sadly, she is not only the wrong fit for this show, but an unnecessary addition to a show that was doing okay, with Darren on his own.. sigh… why…?

  2. I have to admit this is a bad decision by ch 9, though I think Sonia is fantastic and very talented at what she does, it’s just not a good fit for her and what’s she going to do-say every second line that Darren used to say?? I mean I know they have to use her as obviously BB will probably be resting this year but to use her like that…

  3. I like Sonia – she has a brilliant sense of humour, is intelligent and ad-libs really well, however I don’t think she will add any more viewers or interest. Darren does an excellent job and is part of the familiar branding of the show.

  4. That signals the end of Big Brother on Nine, not a moment too soon. Hopefully Ten pick it up for 2016 and return it to its early glory days. The Voice doesn’t need two hosts. Nine obviously needed a gig for Sonia. I think it will be highly unlikely she will return to Mornings anytime soon now that she has a little one

  5. Agree with Alvar, think they needed to find Sonia a new gig if BB is no longer on the cards, I read a while ago that when she joined 9 they offered her mega bucks, I mean mega bucks to co-host the show in the morning unless the article I read was incorrect, but if that was the case they really have to find her something else to do as I don’t think they can pay her so much money without something in return. Also think The Voice will not be as successful this year as the coaches are the ones that seem to hog the limelight and not the contestants, which viewers get fed up with, how many people that have been on “The Voice” have a successful career after the show, at least several from The X Factor have gone on to do well.

  6. i bet channel 9 have seen how good the chemistry is between dr. chris brown and julia morris is on I’m a Celeb and thought that adding a female role to The Voice might add some good chemistry…yet Julia is successful as she is a comedienne and doesn’t take herself that seriously and the show lends itself to her ‘corny’ yet funny jokes whereas The Voice does not and Sonia is not a comedienne.

    I do hope this means the end of BB on 9 and in future channel 10 can take it back, put on Adult’s Only, Uplate and Friday Night Games. This is what the public is crying out for in BB yet channel 9 refuse to listen to us.

  7. Gotta feel for Darren, he’s proven to be a good operator as solo host, between the judges and now Sonia, it’s going to be very much a case of big personalities trying to take over the show, seems like a silly decision

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