Steve Peacocke to exit Home and Away

2015-01-31_2010The last of the original Braxton brothers is set to leave Summer Bay, with confirmation actor Steve Peacocke is leaving Home and Away.

While he has already filmed his final scenes ‘Brax’ will remain on air for much of 2015.

News Corp reports he plans to pursue opportunities in Hollywood, having already appeared in Hercules. But unlike younger brother Casey (Lincoln Younes), the door will be left open for a potential return.

“It is a really awesome way they’ve pulled the story together but I think the door will always be open for Brax. It’s been written in a really clever way,” Peacocke said.

“It wasn’t something I was looking forward to because I love the show and the people I work with so much.

“But I think the key to any good TV series or any good storytelling is to leave the audience at the right point, and where we got to with Brax, we hit a point where it was the best point for him to exit the show. It was just the perfect time I guess.”

Peacocke has proven to be the show’s most popular cast member, twice scoring Gold Logie nominations.


  1. Its ridiculous how far in advance Home and Away is filmed by filming so far in advance it is pretty much impossible for them to keep quiet when an actor leaves.
    In the UK Coronation Street and Eastenders are only filmed 6 weeks to two months in advance which means they can keep a cap on storylines and cast changes a lot easier….

  2. bettestreep2008

    Another soap star leaving a show to try their luck in the big bad Hollywood scene.

    Will he be successful like Chris and Liam Hemsworth, Margo Robbie or Melissa George?

    Or will he be cleaning windows or spruiking telephone bundles like Dieter Brummer, Esther Anderson, or the many other soapie stars that left shows because they thought they were so damn special?

    Lets give him a year and he’ll either be back in Australia doing Celebrity Splash or making millions in box office Hollywood smashes.

  3. I’m glad that eventually it won’t be “the braxtons” anymore. I too don’t think he is the most popular cast member either. There’s been too many previous cast members who were quite popular in their day. The problem with the entry of the braxtons is that home and away became all about the braxtons as opposed to them being one element of home and away. I was thinking about giving up home and away this year depending on where the storylines went. This might be a reason to keep watching. Channel 7 just need to stop airing 6 episodes a week.

  4. David – I’m doubting he’s the most popular cast member (maybe current) as Kate Ritchie won a gold Logie or two, Ray Meagher one and Ada Nicodemou I’m sure has had equal gold nominations to Steve Peacock? It will be good to see him move on…but in this day and age will H&A lose viewers…it doesn’t attract the numbers it once did, and I know the Braxton family, Daryl in particular, is a draw card (I’m a teacher and all the girls at school love him)! All the best
    Steve with your next chapter. I wonder if he’s be as successful as Chris Hemsworth? Only time will tell….

  5. The best news I’ve heard in a while. The show was going downhill always revolving around the Braxtons, the Mrs and I couldn’t stand it of late. Now it appears there is some welcome relief in the air. 🙂

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