Super Bowl rewrites US TV records

2015-02-03_1102The New England Patriots’ narrow victory over the Seattle Seahawks is now the most watched telecast in US history.

Super Bowl XLIX scored a massive 114.4 million viewers, eclipsing the previous record holder, Super Bowl 2014, on 112.2 million.

1. 114.4 Million – Super Bowl XLIX, NBC (Feb. 2015)
2. 112.2 Million – Super Bowl XLVIII, FOX (Feb. 2014)
3. 111.3 Million – Super Bowl XLVI, NBC (Feb. 2012)
4. 111.0 Million – Super Bowl XLV, FOX (Feb. 2011)
5. 108.7 Million – Super Bowl XLVII, CBS (Feb. 2013)
6. 106.5 Million – Super Bowl XLIV, CBS (Feb. 2010)
7. 106.0 Million – M.A.S.H. Finale, CBS (Feb. 1983)
8. 98.7 Million – Super Bowl XLIII, NBC (Feb. 2009)

According to TVBytheNumbers the game earned a 47.5 rating and a 71 share, a gain of two percent from last year’s 46.7/69 for Super Bowl XLVIII, making it the 4th highest in Super Bowl history and ranks as 9th highest rated program in television history.

The halftime performance by Katy Perry was seen by 118.5 million viewers, 3 million+ viewers more than last year’s halftime featuring Bruno Mars (115.3 million), and is the most-watched Super Bowl halftime show featuring entertainment ever (dating back to 1991).

In Australia Seven broadcast Super Bowl to 354,000 metro viewers yesterday morning, pipping the previous best of 210,000 on ONE.


  1. I understand part of the whole Super Bowl tv package/experience, is the highly expensive and unique commercials. Featuring big productions and stars Mindy Kaling / Matt Damon, Liam Neeson Kim Kardashian, Bryan Cranston/Lindsay Lohan Pierce Brosnan etc etc for the one time event.

    Wonder if Seven with the AFL garand final and Nine with the NRL, would encourage their advertisers to produce “event” commercials, while all of Australia is watching?

  2. @gk3, that figure for the Mash Finale of 125m is peak . Yesterday’s Super Bowl figure above of 114.4 is the average. The Super Bowl peaked at 120.8m.

    Go Pats….

  3. Secret Squirrel

    @DaveyBoy – perhaps I misunderstand what you’re saying but a number of teams have won back to back Super Bowls before – the Steelers have done it twice – and the Patriots 4th win isn’t record-equalling since the Steelers (again) have won it on 6 occasions.

  4. There was also a little more intrigue to this year’s match-up as 1 team were trying to go back-to-back (possibly would have become the 1st ever), while the other team were set to equal many records with their 4th SuperBowl win.

    Add a close game, some last minute heroics & a giant tiger, and voila.

  5. It’s the programming that comes after it too, last year CBS aired Superbowl 48 and played the next episode of Elementary after fulltime and picked up 60 million viewers. Ch10 should whack Elementary on our screens now, before the DVD is released

  6. I think 7mate did a pretty good job broadcasting the Super Bowl XLIX than ONE last year thanks to the ratings.
    Now we are asking about some AFL matches to be broadcasted in HD.

  7. James-original

    @ Bruce Banner.
    Not quite right. Despite a slight audience bump at half-time there was a consistent audience throughout.
    Peak minutes in each market happened at different times within the game.

  8. @DansDans – not necessarily… if a lot of people are tuning in for the half time show only (which to be honest, 95% of people from Australia are) Katy Perry has a lot more fans than Bruno Mars, who performed last year. Would explain the increase in viewers.

  9. One would expect there to be a net increase each year as the population in the US increases.

    Well done Seven for being the only network in the world not broadcasting Superbowl in HD – how backward people will think Australia is now!

  10. Evidence right there that half of Australia has no idea where Channel 10 is on their TV or the rating system is flawed beyond belief – how can the audience for the same event that happens in the same time every year jump up almost 50% in the space of the year…? Impossible

    Was the gamein HD on 7mate?

  11. Don’t forget the 94,000 that also watched on Foxtel’s ESPN David.

    Since the game lasted so long, I happened to view parts of it at my workplace & also at an, umm, local establishment. Both screens were packed with intent eyes on them (especially the last 5 minutes of play), so the viewer coverage was problem bigger than anyone can imagine.

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